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Just got a text from a friend at Ledson and he said they are closed, no power, and Kenwood hit pretty hard. He said the fires extend from Napa into Glen Ellen. Another friend in the Soda Canyon area sent photos showing their vineyard surrounded by flames. There's a photo of the raceway in Sonoma we always go to for the Indy race with the line of flames cutting down the hillsides - green on one side and black on the other. Devastating.
It's a very sad day in the valley. My family has property in Calistoga off of Petrified Forest road. I was cooking dinner on the deck last night around 8:00 pm and something didn't feel right. I have not seen wind get that high this time of year. Two hours later the fire started. We evacuated the property around 12:00 am and the fire missed the property by about a mile. We're safe for now. Calistoga is without power and it feels like a ghost town on main street.

It's heartbreaking to think about how many people this is impacting.
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We were up there this weekend. It was hot all weekend and the winds were crazy yesterday afternoon, from Napa all the way to Sacramento. We have a place on Vichy (south of Silverado CC) and my in-laws have a place inside Silverado CC, both were evacuated early in the morning. We came back to SD last evening around 7pm before the fires, and awoke at 2:00am to lots of text messages. Luckily my in-laws had also left yesterday morning for vacation. Our friends in the neighborhood were able to evacuate quickly. Sounds like neighbors really took care of each other. Hope people can get out safely.

Praying for the families affected and for the brave guys going out there to fight the fires.
Originally posted by MOCGator:
This is second hand from a prominent winemaker in Napa. These wineries have taken damage or were destroyed. More will be know in the next 24 hours.

Ch St Jean
Casa Piena,
Stags Leap
Silverado Country Club
Poetry Inn

So sad...

A couple of hours ago, Cliff Lede said the Poetry Inn, as well as their winery and vineyards, were undamaged from the fire.

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