Any recommendations for wineries to visit in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York?
Thanks in advance!
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The two best, by far:
Hermann J. Wiemer
Dr. Konstantin Frank

Lamoreaux Landing is good
Shalestone makes drinkable reds

The rest are not very good, unless you like cough syrup.
Generally, the whites are better than the reds.

You can find many wine trails on Seneca, Keuka (see Dr. Frank's), and Cayuga Lakes. Summer is beautiful up there. Enjoy your trip.
Originally posted by irwin:
go to the Corning Museum of Glass. It is fantastic.

I'll second that
Bully Hill! Eek Had a friend give us a bottle once...possibly the worst wine we've had in the last 5 years. Yikes!

What are the closest wineries in the Finger Lakes to Syracuse? I'm there quite often, so maybe it's time to hit a few of them... Board-O: about how far are the ones that you mentioned in the 2nd response to this thread? Thanks! -mJ
Check a map for the roads to take. Wiemer is an hour from Syracuse. Wiemer, Lamoreaux Landing, and Shalestone are on Seneca Lake and Frank is on Keuka Lake.
If you plan a visit to finger lakes wines, you should consider staying in Ithaca. Several great restaurants, good local theater and fun to visit Cornell or Ithaca College
Well you can also stay in Cooperstown.....if you're a baseball fan it's great....if not the town feels like walking back in time 50 years.

Anyway probably stick to the white' least that is my advice.

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