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1979 Ridge Zinfandel, San Luis Obispo - Absolutely singing - who says Zins can't age

1975 Burgess Petite Sirah - still plenty of life ahead, kept improving in the glass

1975 Beaulieu Vineyard "Burgundy" - a blend of gamay, pinot, merlot and cabernet, which was interesting but uninspired.  A touch over the hill most likely.

Was at Bern's on Saturday in case it wasn't obvious.

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How was the Fiacre, WIML? I really like the wines from C-T, but I've never had this one before. I don't believe they bottle it anymore, focusing on individual plots/parcels for their higher-end bottlings now. Based on a quick search, it appears that this consists of a blend from parcels in Chemins de Reims and Orizeaux providing the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, respectively.

My wife hosted a dinner party Friday and asked me to open some wines:

2018 Doisy Daene sec

2021 Tablas Creek Patelin de Tablas Blanc

2021 Suavia Soave classico

Last week, 2005 Feliz Callejo RdD Crianza.  Second of 2 bottles I bought and this one (nearly opaque, vibrant, fruit in spades, nice undertones) far outshone the first one (tired, faded, barely hanging on).  A stark contrast of bottle variation.

2015 Monsanto CCR...I've got a couple of these left.

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