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vincentric posted:
mimik posted:

With good and dear friends in Toronto( you know who you are) we had


2008 Pinson Chablis le Clos


How was this?


I liked it but Bascadet though it had a weird metallic profile. Not your buttery style of Chablis but more rustic. I thought it was in no need of more cellaring 

Blessed to be invited to a dinner where every attendee was required to bring a Grand Cru Vosne-Romanee and Montrachet.  Exceptions were made for top-flight Echezeaux, which turned out to be a good thing for our table.  

The evening got off to a grand start with Tsar Nicoulai Osetra caviar, and 2012 Bollinger Grande Année champagne.  When we were seated for dinner, glasses were already in front of us with the following whites:

‘98 Maison Leroy Corton Blanc
‘02 Jadot Chevalier Monty
‘02 Ramonet BBM
‘03 Jadot Monty
‘07 Ramonet BBM
‘07 Ramonet Batard
‘08 Leflaive Chevy Monty
‘08 Bouchard Monty (mag)
‘10 Bouchard Monty  *** my contribution ***
‘13 Bouchard Monty

The ‘07 Ramonet Batard and ‘10 Bouchard were drinking the best IMO.  

Next, the first flight of reds:

‘88 Leroy RSV
‘96 DRC Richebourg

The ‘88 DRC was badly corked.  The ‘88 Leroy was the star IMO.  Beautiful, classic nose of Asian spices, and lovely on the palate. 

For our second red flight, we had:

‘02 Anne Gros Richebourg
‘04 Rene Engel Grands Echezeaux
‘05 Hudelot-Noellat RSV
‘09 DRC GE  *** my contribution ***
‘11 Comte Liger-Belair Echezeaux

The DRC and CLB were the ones I expected to be the best in this flight, and they definitely did not disappoint.  

There were a couple more wines offered to me as dinner wound down, and I honestly can’t remember what they exactly were (there was a Ramonet Batard from mag IIRC).  Suffice to say that it was a great event.......

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Last weekend with Allred, Blue Oval and our wives had a dinner at Blue Oval's house to taste through some recently acquired Ravenswood wines:

NV Krug Grande Cuvee Edition 167
2015 Rhys Blancs de Blancs Bearwallow Vineyard
1987 Ravenswood Zinfandel Cooke
1993 Ravenswood Zinfandel Cooke
1994 Ravenswood Zinfandel Cooke
1990 Ravenswood Merlot Sonoma County
1992 Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon Gregory Vineyard
1995 Ravenswood Rancho Salinas Vineyards
1999 Ravenswood Zinfandel Big River
2015 Once & Future Zinfandel Frank's Block Teldeschi
2001 Chateau Rieussec
2003 Chateau Rieussec
2003 Chateau de Fargues
2007 Sine Qua Non Grenache To The Rescue Vin de Paille

I think the consensus on the Ravenswoods was the Rancho Salinas and the Big River, although all of them were in the 88-92 point range. 

winetarelli posted:

I haven't had CA Cab in so long (years and years) I thought I'd see if I was missing something so I picked up a 2015 Etude at Costco for $59.99.  Ugh.  Nope.  Wound up drinking 2018 Jean-Claude Lapalu Brouilly La Croix des Rameaux instead.  Such a marvelous wine -- rustic and dark but still identifiably Gamay.

You should have known better! 

Good choice on what you actually drank, however.

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