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2003 Guigal Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde
Nice. How is this drinking?


I have been trying a bottle every six to nine months from the case I purchased few years back. This was the best showing by far with the warm sweet fruit of the vintage at the core. The tannins are pretty much resolved with secondary aroma/flavors well in the mix.
Wednesday night:
2007 Rhys Chard
2005 Guyon Corton Charlemange
1997 Jaboulet La Chappele
2006 (?) vice versa
a 2006 italian supertuscan whose name I cannot spell but was 100% sangiovese and needed lots of time.
a 2001 italian syrah that Manfred Krankle is involved in that rocked.

Thursday at Chateau Stefania (guys please fill in names as I did not catch all the bottles):

a bubbly that was enjoyable
2008 Stefania Chard (wonderful with the crab)
2007 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountain Chard
1999 Ridge Monte Bello (was in a great place)
1984 Ridge ?????? Zinfandel (the ballpark frank wine)
1985 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow (in a great place)
2007 Sesson cab (for the money this was a good as it gets - I'll be buying)
2008 Stefania SCM cab
2008 Copper-Garrod viognier
There were also two pinots (one of which came in a 35lb bottle) that I did not get the producer names (or have since forgotten)

Friday - lots of airplane water. Wink
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1995 Leroy Clos Vougeot, an exquisite wine.
1995 Leroy Chambertin. While clearly stunning, just entering her drinking window.

This thing called cabin fever is not healthy. Smile

Nice wine! I think the Leroy 1978 Chambertin was my WOTY a few years ago.

In my dreams tonight, I will simply tote your wine bag. Wink
I think there has been more than one year where I could say that a Leroy wine was my wine of the year. I think I own more Leroy than any other producer. I've especially found the 1966 and 1964 vintages to show very well over the last 10 years. M. Bize just seems to get it right way more than wrong.
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I was very impressed by the 2007 La Bernardine last summer. I called it outstanding and said it will improve. It was showing no signs of closing up.

It was at a discount last night, about $40, but the store that offered it should have it marked down again soon. The WS review uses words such as "brawny" and "muscular." I found it focussed, but tending more toward "pretty." Good wine.
Evening started with a '97 Poggio Alle Mura, old world style nose, not really my style, but still good, and a '97 Elderton Barossa Command Shiraz, which was quite good, and very live. Both were quite good with manocotti, garlic bread, and salad.

2006 Bond Matriarch. Openned with the others, and decanted 1.5+ hours. Big nose. More fruit forward, and more new world than the '05. Very tasty. I like it more than the '05, but I like them young and Cali style. Justified my '07 order. I'll double up if they'll let me.
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2008 Hamilton Russell Walker Bay Chardonnay.

Look at you heading down to South Africa. Thoughts?

Excellent wine, excellent.

I will be buying more. The wine drinks like an $80+ Burgundian wine. I plan on sticking it in a blind tasting of Burgundian wines. Wink
Last night was a 2004 Produttori Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano with homemade pizzas - I know it is still young, but I just had to give these 2004 Produttori Riservas a try and it did not disappoint.

Tonight will be a 2003 Alban Reva with BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans and corn on the cob to go with an American theme as we watch the Superbowl. Need to make room for my Lorriane and Seymore Albans which should be coming soon.

From the few 2003s I've had, this seems to be an early drinking vintage. The few right bank wines I've had in the last year seem ready to go. This wine is probably still improving, but I don't think it needs much more time, maybe a year or two. With one bottle, I'd probably have it in 2 years. Alternatively, watch for tasting notes to see what people have to say as time goes by.

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