Favorite WIne Related Books

On my Thrift store travels

'Blood & Wine' - The unauthorized story of the Gallo Wine Empire.

'Century of Wine' - The story of a wine revolution.

'Americans in Bordeaux' - A practical guide-book with Colloquial Sentences Smile

I'm excited to read them all, but the last one is amazing. It was published by G. Delmas in 1917 and is a pocket size hand book on Bordeaux written in the day with large pull out maps. A real find.
2 books i'd absolutely recommend:

1) Terroir: The role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the making of french wines, by James E. Wilson
That one dives deep into the matter.

2) Great wine terroirs, by Jacques Fanet
That 2nd one is very interesting in the way it finds similarities in Old World and New World terroirs. (eg Loire, Vinhos Verhes are Geologically related to vineyards in Australia and South Africa, for instance. Or eg: Savoie, Jura, Valais are geologically related to California and Chile and Argentina)
Just finished "In Search of Bachus" by
George Taber..Excellent read about wine
tourism around the world.
George Taber is the guy who wrote "The judgement
of Paris" several years ago.


All of Taber's books are excellent, to include the one about Corks & other closures.

I would also add:

"Reading Between the Vines," by Terry Theise

"Making Sense of Wine," by Matt Kramer

"Napa: The Story of an American Eden," by James Conaway (The best historical reference to Napa I have come across)
The Mystique of Barolo, Maurizio Ross & Chris Meier

Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

The Great Domaines of Burgundy, Remington Norman et al.

Ziraldo & Kaiser: Icewine, Extreme Winemaking

Lots of nice picture: YQUEM by Richard Olney

Books I don't really enjoy: Hugh and Jancis' World Atlas of Wine and Jancis' Oxford Companion. The Oxford Dictionary is more fun.
Originally posted by Italian Wino:
Does anyone have this book and map set? I am considering getting it on Amazon for $42. I hear it is a great resource.

Champagne [Boxed Book & Map Set]: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroirs of the Iconic Region Oct 10, 2017
by Peter Liem

Very worth it.
Originally posted by futronic:
They're reproductions of vintage maps created by Louis Larmat in 1944 and are pretty detailed. They break down various vineyard categories by name.

Honestly, for $42, you could do worse. Just buy it. Smile

+1 on the maps. I've started reading the book and Liem's writing is excellent. This book seems very timely given the sea changes that have been taking place in Champagne.

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