which of these, if any, are your favorite los angeles steakhouse?

nick & stef's
arnie morton's
dan tana's
the palm
pacific dining car
ruth's chris

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TBird - From the list, I like Arnie Morton's.
Pacific Dinning has great wine list but the food is just OK and overprice. But their wine list is very fair(Insignia @$150, Paloma @ $65, Bryant @$400 etc...) They even have Karl Law. and David Arthur for great prices)

Not on your list but I also like Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena and New Otani Hotel in Little Tokyo which has top notch Teppan style steak with Kobe beef or dry aged Angus beef.
For the real deal:

Taylor's Steak House - wine prices are the best in the state
Mastro's Steak House

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There is an excellent article on Dan Tana's in the food section of the LA Times on line.When I lived in LA I found it to be one of the best if sometimes uneven in service- not being a star it sometimes depends upon who else is in the restaurant on how much attention you were given but the beef was always exceptional- unfortunatly those were the days I drank more martini's than wine so I can't comment on the wine list or service.
found this thread doing a little search;

my favorite place to go for steak in LA has to be Windows, on the top of the Trans-America building a few blocks from Staples... it takes up the entire floor (26th i think) and the view is awesome during the evening when the sun sets. great steaks too - "Men's Club" food.

as for Steak Houses - Mastro's, Arroyo Chop House, along with JJ's, in Pasadena & Charlie G's on Ventura Blvd.
The Palm and Arroyo Chop House. I like a little bit of atmospere and both of those houses have it. Dan Tana's is great, but more for the Italian, than the steak. Pacific Dining Car is great if you're working an all nighter, but otherwise, I like a little more decor.
One place i havn't seen mentioned is
The Smokehouse in Burbank. It has red leather booths, a huge old wood, and probably some of the same servers as when it opened Eek

The garlic Bread is the most amazing thing they have. No where else has it like that.

Not the best for the prices, you could goto Ruths Chris in Woodland Hills for close to wghat this is, and the wine list can use some work, but the dim lighting and red leather high back booths, real steak knives and that addictive bread.

If you havnt been there and are driving past, get a loaf of bread to go..

Alot of times you see stars from sitcoms and movies as Warner Bros is right across the street....

Flubis G. Twigg
i love the Smokehouse's bar food...

me and my buds go there all the time for martini's & the bar food... Big Grin
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flubis, the "new" arnie morton's in burbank has pretty much stolen most of the smoke houses' industry peep's these days. i've had many a martini's and app's at the smokehouse, but haven't dined there(proper) yet.


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off topic a little, anyone been to the new steak house in Bev Hills, the Lincoln? i dont think its been open long at all...
Mastros is indeed vintage Beverly Hills, but for me, I like the old clubby feel of the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena. Big booths, cool bar, they serve a great Martini, just a classic place. Reminds me of an old Hollywood type steakhouse.
corkage $15

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ive only been there once, but i remembered i liked it. the college i eventually attended (small private school) held a luncheon there for all incoming freshman from the area to meet before heading off to school... i didn't realize they were famous/infamous for steaks?.. but i do love garlic Big Grin

and u are right about the Smokehouse's garlic bread, but honestly, its all about the martini's there in my opinion...

wait a minute there... do i see a pattern forming? Wink
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i'm not positive i can do the 29th as of right now. if someone wants to go ahead and start the ball rolling, please pencil me plus one in as a maybe...


weird weird weird. i am definately going out of town, thus my not being able to arrange an offline for this weekend. BUT!!!!!!! as luck would have it, i am heading to the smokehouse right now!
anyone wanna join me? Smile


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