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Originally posted by Primordialsoup:
Mine is pecans (and my sister).

You like baking your nut of a sister?!? Crazy Odd...

I agree with your nut choice though. I love pecans, close second would be the hazelnut.

Walnuts have a very bitter finish for me and I'm usually not too much of a fan. The only thing I think of with Brazil nuts is the suspected size of my wife's bladder...
Walnuts, without a doubt. As I am sure many on this forum do, I keep a variety of nuts to cook with on hand, including hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts , sliced, slivered and whole almonds...currently out of pistachio. After baking a carrot cake yesterday (and remembering this thread), for flavor and versatility, I seem to end up reaching for walnuts.
For baking I prefer something that stays crunchy, so while I like pecans, they're way down the list for baking purposes. Macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts would be my choices long before pecans and pistachios and pine nuts, although I actually like all of them. Peanuts too, although I guess they're not really nuts.

If you're grinding them to a powder however, for some kind of cake or for a pastry filling, it makes less difference and I'd use any of them.

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