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For the past few years I have spent every waking hour learning about, searching for, and trying any craft beer that I can get my hands on. Aside from standard obligations, craft beer has been my life since I turned 21 (and admittedly a while beforehand). A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease, which for those who don't know, is essentially an allergy to gluten. Since some form of gluten in present in almost all beer, the carpet has basically been ripped out from under me. Naturally, the next avenue for me to explore is wine. However it is very daunting (and humbling) to move to something in which I really know nothing about.

What I really need is someone who has some background knowledge of craft beer, who may be able to help me with the transition; someone who knows a fair amount about different beer styles, who may be able to match my preferences in terms of beer to different wine styles and open me up a bit. At the very least, I could use a "Wine for Dummies" sort of tutorial. But before investing in any sort of starter kit I figured I should ask all of you. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums, and I'm sorry to read about your condition. I too am a beer lover. Some simple advice I can offer is to go to retailer tastings. Availability and quality of tastings will likely depend in some part on where you live. If you explain your situation to an experienced wine person, and can tell them your beer style preferences I'm guessing that might help them point you towards something they think you will enjoy. Good luck!
I don't think that searching for wines based on your preferences in beer is the way to go.

I have friends who love Belgian beer. I don't drink much of it. I love super hoppy IPAs, and they don't care for them at all. We share a great love of very many of the same wines. I'd suggest that you just get started and learn what you like independently of your taste in beer. billhike's advice is good. Get to tastings at your local retailer as often as you can. Lurk here, or search the fora for notes on different inexpensive wines. Hell, start a thread in the Wine Conversations section and ask for suggestions. Good luck.

Excellent advice already give by PH and billhike. It's that simple. Don't attempt to 'align' your tasting profile with beer. They're two different profiles entirely. What I enjoy in a beer I wouldn't generally appreciate in a wine, at all.

Nothing is better than tasting A LOT of wines. So much variation in styles and profiles. As said, go to your local specialty retailer as a start and just begin warming up to it all. "Wine for Dummies" is a great read, IMO, and worthwhile to skim through again and again as you start to warm up to it all. It's an enormous subject. Don't let it overwhelm you. Just embrace it and enjoy the ride. There are some epiphanal wines out there (and they don't all require a second mortgage on the house).
Good luck & welcome to the boards!

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