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Not to offend anyone but Facebook and Twitter seem ridiculous to me.

Ridiculous is being nice.

They are both drains on our society. If you really have THAT much time to tell me what you are eating, reading, doing, spend it with your kids, reading a book or doing something creative for society.

Sort of like I should be doing now instead of posting on this damn forum.
I think I remember Mark showing up in my suggested friends list a few times. But since he has not yet sent me his CV, three each business and personal references, and a personal financial statement, I have never yet acted on it. Big Grin

Some of us have higher standards than others for their friends to avoid having their wall become lame. Cool

KSCO2: My last name is very distinctive and easily found when Googled which is why I don't use it here (personal and professional reasons). Then again, unfortunately I would not know yours either.

I will make exceptions for board members here. Best thing might be to have you contact WIML if you have his email and have him give you my name so we can hook up.

If you don't know WIML nor have his contact info, you are a nobody in the wine world and I am not interested. Big Grin

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, especially someone like me who has moved around a lot. I’m having fun with it. Twitter is not for me, but I can see the draw for a lot of people.

Always surprised by how polarizing the subject of Facebook and Twitter can me. Drains on society??? It’s just not that serious….
FB and Twitter are nothing but tools. How lame the sites are depends upon how lame your friends are. If your friends are tools, you will think FB and Twitter suck. To get philosophical for a moment, how much you enjoy the sites depends how much you enjoy your friends and is more a reflection of YOU and your taste in friends than a reflection of the web site.

No, I don't twit even though I have an account.


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