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Hello everyone!

I recently won this SGC wine experience (see full details in the screenshot attached) at a charity event in France, but unfortunately will not be able to attend. I know that an experience like this is a wine fanatics dream and pretty much impossible to access without a ridiculous yearly membership fee. I don't want it to go to waste, so if anyone is interested in going with themselves and 7 friends, please let me know. This was a bit pricy (although well under its actual value), so please only reach out if you are serious!

I spoke to the event organizers and they informed me that the experience is fully transferable. If you decide to purchase it, I will put us all in direct contact to make sure it is transferred seamlessly.

The best point of contact is to email me at ...if you are a serious buyer, I am more than willing to do a phone/zoom call to help facilitate this!


John Stankiewicz


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