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Was looking forward to trying lone bottle of 1996 Montrose, but could not find it in a recent cellar inventory. We only drink bottles like this when we make great dinners (maybe once a month), but pics from those meals don't show this bottle being consumed, nor do we remember drinking it. It was being poured as a promo at an LCBO tasting last May and I remember really enjoying it and looking forward to popping our bottle. We just cleaned the numerous boxes of empties out of the garage today to return to the LCBO and an empty Montrose bottle was not among them. We are stumped...if we drank more bottles at this level I would chaulk it up to forgotten consumption, but all the empties from nice dinners over the last 6 or 7 months were accounted for in the boxes of empties. Certainly bottles don't just vanish, I conclude we must have consumed it, but we usually have such a good recall of specific bottles that our inability to clearly recall this bottle has us scratching our heads...BAH
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Originally posted by theweb:
You probably brought it back to LCBO and just forgot you did Smile

Nah, I havent returned anything since 2009 I think (to Yonge & 7 store, where I was hassled of course)...I don't return often which is maybe why the returns seem so significant...though the 1996 Montrose had actually been returned by someone who purchased on futures...the store said they took it back because they knew he was a serious collector with a proper set up, pretty ballsy for the LCBO, but they told me to bring it back if I had any problems...I wonder if losing it counts as a problem

p.s. do you still want me to e-mail you about the 05's that are on the chopping block?
Originally posted by on the wine:
Ever lose a bottle without any apparent trace?

Ya why, what do you know about them!

They were tasty, thx!

No teens, no basement/cellar visitors, wife would never have opened a bottle, would not have brought it to someone elses house, I know we planned to bring it to a BYOB restaurant at some point but never ended up going (and have scoured the house for any place it might have gone)...a mystery likely caused by my own stupidity of course.

CSM added to list, rob you were on there already...I might wait until after 2008 UGC tasting in January to make final 2005 decisions (will likely have some sold out 2008 futures orders that I might cancel after widely tasting the 2008' 08 Calon Segur, 08 Trotanoy, 08 Haut Brion). Any 05's would be at initial futures prices, not that many of them but some good ones i think.
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I went through my offsite cellar the other week to pull all of the drink now wines to bring home and lost 5 bottles. Thankfully none of them were over $35 but they're gone without a trace...

Now the real question is after what period of time do you officially declare them MIA and remove them from cellartracker so you can have an accurate count of what's actually there?
I have, several times. I usually find that they were misplaced in some manner - either in mislabeled bins/cases (often repurposed after their original use) or perhaps to fill out a case that had a few open slots.

A few weeks ago, I tore apart my cellar looking for a 2006 Clos du Mont Olivet Cuvee du Papet CdP for a vertical tasting. Ended up finding it at the bottom of a stack of bins, along with a full case of 2006 CdP that I forgot I had tucked away down there.
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
Originally posted by KSC02:
I'm looking for a '93 QC that's gone missing from the area of the cellar that it should be. Checked CT and it's still in inventory.

It'll show up eventually.

Burp..... Eek


Big Grin If it was in the home cellar you just may have made me fall for that one.

The ol' midnight cellar raid.....

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