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Time to start a new thread, considering the Community Shield is Sunday and the BPL starts next weekend.

Picks for top four and relegation to come.

Fantasy Premier League is back online also, so get your team picks in!

League Name: Return to Tijuana
League Code: 757100-181389

And the money changing hands for the Neymar sale is ridiculous. I can understand why he left though. He wants to win the Ballon d'Or and he'll never win it while being in the same team as Messi.
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Of course. The more the merrier! It's just a fun league, no cash or wine prize or anything.

It's important to note that the BPL kicks off this year on FRIDAY, so get your picks in before the evening kickoff. My suggestion is no later than 10am on Friday.

You get unlimited transfers before the deadline opens, so you can play around with your team selection.

If you're unfamiliar with FPL, I suggest reading the rules so you're aware of scoring, transfers, chips, etc (not sure if you've been in other leagues before).
Time for predictions.

I think Wembley is going to undo the Spurs home record this season and leave them lower down in the standings than they should be with the quality they have. Big spending City looks good, but the goalkeeper position could still be a problem. United should be able to score more this season with Lukaku up front.

I'm not happy with Chelsea's team right now. Still have Fabregas. No Hazard for a couple of months. The Costa situation is a clusterf*ck and Conte has nobody but himself to blame for that. The defense should be solid as there will be some competition for starting positions back there. Scoring might be the problem.

I see no reason why Arsenal should do any better this season. Liverpool should finish ahead of them, although if RM gets Coutinho that could change.

Top 4

Man City
Man United

At the other end of the table. Leicester is going to lose Mahrez and they are going to struggle to score even more than last season. Can their defense keep them in games? I say no and they're going down along with two of the newly promoted teams. Benitez should be able to keep Newcastle up...assuming he stays.


Huddersfield Town
Leicester City
My top 4 would be:
Man City
Arsenal (homer pick)

Man City just looks ridiculous. Jesus and Aguero up top. Silva and DeBruyne pulling the strings. An upgraded defense/goalie.

Arsenal should benefit from a deep squad and not having to play their "A" squad in the Europa league. Plus I think that this year they will really get some serious value out of Xhaka, who sucked last year. He and Ramsey jelled at the end of last year, and the new formation lets Ox and Bellerin use their speed while not being as compromised at the back. Lacazette is an upgrade over Walcott. And Arsenal can make some great late game subs (Walcott/Giroud/Iwobi).

I think Liverpool will fall a couple of spots. Losing Coutinho and having Lallana out for a few months leaves them without the engine that drives their offense, and they aren't known for their defense. They also don't have the depth to battle in Champions League and the EPL. They remind of Leicester from last year. I also think Tottenham will drop a bit, with a combination of other teams figuring out Dele Alli and their games being in Wembley. They also have a pretty thin squad, and Champions League or injuries could easily derail them.

Chelsea should be fine, but I wouldn't be too bullish on their scoring options to begin the year. It takes time to get used to the EPL, so Morata won't be a huge scorer this year the way Costa was last year. And Hazard is out for a while. He was amazing last year. I'm not sure Pedro or Willian can step up.
Originally posted by futronic:
Hey Merengue, only a couple more days to get your team in the FPL. Same goes for everyone else!

My comments and picks on the upcoming season to come. Damn work getting in the way of things.

Thanks for the reminder. I think i joined and inputted my team but not sure cause i could not see your teams.
Here are my picks:

Top 4:

Man City
Man United



As has been stated, City simply look stacked this year. They have strengthened at the back, but there is still work to do in future windows, especially with centre backs.

I don't think Spurs will be able to go undefeated at home again, especially considering they're playing at Wembley all season. The larger pitch will work against their high-pressing style. The best thing that can be said is they've kept pretty much all of their key players, and selling Walker was no big deal because Pochettino has Trippier ahead of him in the pecking order last season.

Arsenal will be Arsenal and squeeze top four again to get back into Champions League.

Huddersfield and Brighton probably don't have enough to stay up, and I think the writing is on the wall for Swansea. They escaped last year, but losing Sigurdsson to Everton (it will happen within the week, surely) is going to be rough.

Personally, I'd rather see a team like West Brom or Stoke relegated, but I don't think that will happen.

First on the chopping block? Maybe Mark Hughes at Stoke.

CHE VS BUR Who was the ref playing for. Too many cards on one side, and not enough for BUR. CHE needs players. It has been a difficult summer for Chelsea and their boss Antonio Conte, who has openly voiced his frustration at the club's failure to recruit his desired targets - both in terms of quality and quantity.
Are Liverpool really going to turn down €130m (including add-ons) for Coutinho? Take the money and run. Crazy.

I do not have a lot of confidence about tomorrow's game between Chelsea and Spurs, even at Wembley.

I think Swansea should try to get Fabregas as a replacement for Sigurdsson. They need someone in that position and he should cost less than what they got for the latter.
What on earth are you watching or reading? Chelsea beat Spurs 2-1 and I certainly wouldn't consider the latter to be a "low rated team".

Huddersfield have won both of their first two games.

Chelsea was not exactly convincing in that win yesterday, but job done. There was also the added bonus of finishing the game with 11 men and feeding the Wembley monkey on Spurs' backs.

Enjoyed the Stoke-Arsenal game for sure.

Also watched most of the Watford-Bournemouth game. Chalobah looked very good. Roll Eyes
Originally posted by steve8:
What on earth are you watching or reading? Chelsea beat Spurs 2-1 and I certainly wouldn't consider the latter to be a "low rated team". wrong teams. Agree. meant WHam

Huddersfield have won both of their first two games. winning at the start is great especially when statrting in the EPL

Chelsea was not exactly convincing in that win yesterday, but job done. There was also the added bonus of finishing the game with 11 men and feeding the Wembley monkey on Spurs' backs.

Enjoyed the Stoke-Arsenal game for sure.

Also watched most of the Watford-Bournemouth game. Chalobah looked very good. Roll Eyes
CHE-BUR was week one and FL Wino had already posted a comment about that game.

I didn't post anything about it last week because I was at a loss for words.

Everton looked pretty good yesterday against City and such a young team. Calvert-Lewin looks especially promising. I'm thinking the old guy Rooney has something to prove too.
We were in Dublin when Liverpool played Crystal Palace last week and it was on in the pub we were at - taxi driver back to port ended up being a huge Liverpool fan so we discussed the result and the game, I think he was shocked I referred to the players by name and we had an excellent ride while FKG marvelled a the useless info I had tucked away
More convincing performance from Chelsea today. I think Morata will fit in fine. I thought Everton looked better last week against City, but hopefully that is more about Chelsea vs. City than Everton.

Rumour mill says Chelsea are interested in Oxlade-Chamberlain, Danny Drinkwater and/or Ross Barkley. We don't want Oxlade-Chamberlain. That's that. Apparently Everton are interested in Diego Costa, which makes a deal for Barkley intriguing. He could be a Chelsea player, but after loaning, selling or releasing as many young players as Chelsea has, I don't get it. Especially another midfielder.

Didn't see the Arsenal/Liverpool game, which is a shame because it sounds like it would have been entertaining. Cue the start of the annual Wenger Must Go campaign.

Thanks to Burnley, the Wembley monkey on Spurs back just grew into a chimpanzee.

I'd say Slaven Bilic has taken the lead in the first-manager-to-be-sacked-this-season competition. Losing 3-0 to Newcastle was not good.

UEFA has an issue with PSG after they agreed to pay Monaco €155 million for Mbappé. Ya think? Insane money they're spending for 2 players.
Apparently I reacted too quickly to the story about Oxlade-Chamberlain (OC) going to Chelsea. Seems Liverpool wants him. Hopefully they outbid Chelsea.

Now the rumour about Chelsea signing Llorente from Swansea makes more sense to me. Unload Remy and Costa and Llorente has a place, especially if the fee is really only £14m.
After this last weekend, I'm not to sad about the Ox leaving. He never had a position. He lacks quality on his crosses, doesn't dribble all that well, and relies solely on his speed. And he thinks he's a center mid? My biggest issue is that after watching a game like that, how is Ox rated so high? He's been under Arsene for 5 years and we still haven't gotten to his fullest potential. Arsenal used to develop guys to the very top and then lose them (Nasri, Cesc, RVP). Ox never developed.

I also feel that selling Sanchez is best for Arsenal. It'll make them look like fools (never say never Arsene) for selling after saying that they wouldn't, but he is too much of a drama queen on the field. Definitely talented and has the engine that won't quit, but if you can recoup 50+ million, let's sell and try to get someone who just wants the opportunity. Not sure Mahrez is the guy, but maybe the Gunners can sneak Draxler. That'd be an optimal replacement for Sanchez, and even put a few in the bank.
Bony back to Swansea for £12m, which is what they paid for him originally before selling him to City for £28m.

Chelsea get Drinkwater, the only one of the 3 homegrown players they were chasing. They want more English players but sell Chalobah and turn their backs on Solanke? I hope Conte will succeed in getting rid of that Russian bitch who has probably never kicked a football in her life.

I should have picked Newcastle as one of the teams to be relegated.

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