I'm looking to take the plunge into upgrading my small 52-bottle unit with combination off-site storage situation and was wondering if anyone can tell me why they like their wine cellar/cooler better than another brand (or why they would firebomb the maker of their cellar). I'm leaning toward EuroCave but ohh... those prices. Also I've heard that Wine Enthusiast might bend a little on the price if you call them up. Any truth to that rumor? After reading previous posts, the main thing I have come away with is that it is damn near impossible to go too big. Size will be dictated by xmas bonus but 250 is the minimum size. Anyway, the main thing that I'm looking for is info on temp/humidity stability, vibration, overall noise and anything else. Appreciate the help!
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I purchased a Vinocraft VT 280 back in May for $2100. It has the exact same cooling unit as the Eurocave, yet the exterior and interior are mahogany rather than metal and the racks are made of redwood. It will hold 280 bottles versus 170 in a similarly priced Eurocave.

It also came with four sliding shelves, glass doors lights and locks. Additionally, it is top-vented so that it can fit closely to the wall.

I found that for just a few hundred more $$, this unit held more bottles and was much more attractive than the Eurocave. I have been very happy with the unit. Just my .02

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wow - excellent info! i've been leaning toward the eurocave and this helps to solidify my decision. also a pal of mine is looking to buy the compact 340 or the comfort 260 so this is very useful news. if we order together then maybe we can bend them a little more (i.e. more dough leftover to keep the cellar pregnant with wine). again, thanks!
VH - I have the Transtherm Castel with a glass door in my dining room. It has three temp zones and is quiet enought that it is not a problem during dinner. Cools great (verified by a therm).

I recommend this unit if you want to take the plunge. I ordered it w/o state sales tax and had an AMEX discount of 20%. Worked for me! Good luck with your choice.
I've had my VK500 for about 2 years, and (knocking wood) so far it works great. I will say though that the unit is supposed to hold 470 bottles, and there's no way it will. The only possible way would be to take out every other shelf and pile them 3 high in the space of 2 shelves, and that would put a lot of strain on the shelves. I think it'll probably max out before 400 bottles, more likely 370 or so.

One other criticism is the clear glass doors. Why put glass on the doors? This only leads to light exposure. I bought car window tint (it comes in rolls for about $20 or so) in the darkest I could and I applied it to the clear glass. That should protect the wine from nasty UV.

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The glass on my Transtherm is already tinted a very dark gray. You can peer in if you really try but it seems to be fairly temp. controlled. I live in a very warm place so it has to cool heavily most of the time.

OK, so it's fun to peer at the pretty bottles! Smile
well the price looks a lot better on the vintage keeper but for you guys that own one, is the temp stable and will i curse the day that i bought it because it's too loud? also where did you buy your unit and would you recommend the seller? i did just think of a good use for my old 52-unit wine fridge: a nightstand in case i get thirsty in the middle of the night!
VH- Mine is in my basement, and it sounds like a fan when it goes on. It's not bad in terms of noise, but I wouldn't want it in my living room. Much louder than a fridge.

As for temp stability I only measure air temp, which is not a true test since liquid temp will fluctuate a lot less. I keep mine set at 58, and air temp fluctuates btwn 51-57 at the bottom of the unit and 52-59 at the top. I don't think it's a big deal since this is air temp, not liquid temp.

I got mine from wine enthusiast. Call them and haggle, it works. There's significant movement available on price.

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I picked up a Vinocraft (not Vinotemp) 120-bottle unit, and have been very pleased with it. I've had no problems whatsoever, and it does a fine job keeping the bottles (liquid temperature) at between 58.5 (top) and 55.5 (bottom).

It's not the sharpest-looking unit on the block, but it works just fine in my basement.

The only caveat is that I have to put wet sponges on the necks of the bottles to push the humidity up from 50% to about 65%.
Originally posted by oakville_al:
slan...how long have you had yours?

Just over a year. No problems. Quite happy with it. Grossie is right - it's reasonably quiet, but probably not quiet (or attractive) enough to put in a living room or dining room. Mine's in my basement.
Check out the prices any place you can find them. I found that the price/unit vs shipping charges varied dramatically. I just ordered from the company that had the cheapest shipping, and made match the price on the unit that I was quoted from a different company. I now realize I could probably have taken an additional $100 off just by lying about the competitive prices. Remember that these guys are very willing to bend on price in order to get your business.
THe prices on the vintage keeper web site were better than Wine enthusiast when you included shipping etc. I called W-E and told them that I could pay less elsewhere, why won't you price match. They did, and then there's coupons all the time, and I had them throw in a light. I didn't exactly get it free, but it was a good price. I can check my records later to find out exactly how much I paid.

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They have web coupons all the time for WineEnthusiasts. From time to time www.outlet.com would have 15% off ALL Wineenthusiasts merchandise coupons. Also if u subscribe to their mails, they send your coupons all the time too. I got my 6 shelves for free when they were having their Eurocave blowout sale about 6 months ago. I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. I would just call and ask for 15% off, shipping is usually just $150 (instead of the usually $350) if you live in NJ or NY (because they are located somewhere in NY). If they refuse to give you a discount, dont worry. Hangup and call back again and let other sales person pick up the phone. Most likely different people will give you different rates and discounts depending on how much they need to meet their sales quota for the month. good luck!
saw this post pop up so i thought i would give my story.

back in january i went in on a deal with a pal of mine to order a couple of eurocaves from wine enthusiast. we got 27% off the list price for two of the comfort 260's (mine only holds 211 with two sliders and four fixed - we split one of those shelf packages) and saved on shipping. when it was delivery time, i met the delivery guys at my pal's house and offerred them $50 cash and a couple of tecate's. worked like a charm and i am thoroughly enjoying the eurocave. i have seriously realized that i have too much wine and need my consumption to outpace my buying.

i would do it the same way again if given the choice.

I'm not WineTex but iirc I believe she bought her Transtherm at Wine and all that Jazz.

FWIW, I've been looking at wine storage issues for over a year now, mostly because I was afraid to pull the trigger. In the end, here is what I would recommend to everybody:

1. Want a cabinet cellar? Buy a Vinotheque.
2. Want the lowest cost per bottle with lots of storage? Buy a Wine Room.
3. Want something really nice with lots of storage? Build a custom cellar.


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