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My experience is that it is very important. If I don't replace them within 12 - 15 months, I find that the compressor does not shut down when it should and I have found temperatures dropping into the 40s. As soon as I change the filter, the temperature range returns to normal.

I can't say why this is but it is. I have taken to changing my filters every June. If you buy the filters in the 4 pack, they are approx. $130 or about $32.50 each.

Each of my two Eurocave cabinets contains about $15,000 worth of wine. $32.50 does not seem like too much to protect that wine.
The prices are a joke, as mentioned, but the filters are necessary. My understanding is that they are very important for regulating humidity and temperature in the unit. I wouldn't chance it. As others have mentioned, you have invested the money in the unit and the wines. Why squabble over a $40 annual maintenance fee?

Since they cost maybe ten cents to make in China, it is an outrage that they charge this much for them.   We are working on some of the older ones we have and are going to open them up and put fresh charcoal in them and just reuse them.

And to MarkJahnke - it is beside the point entirely that the cost of the filters is less than the value of the wine.   It was not originally a factor when most of us bought our Eurocaves since the price for the replacements was much lower.   It is an issue of ongoing affordability and basic fairness in terms of Eurocave ripping off its customers.

Basically it is scammy to try to force people to pay that sort of price for a ten cent item.

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