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I have a reservation tonight at Etta's in Seattle. It's one of Tom Douglas' restaurants and I'm curious to know if any forumites have been there. If so, what did you order and what are your thoughts?

I have my mother and sister in from the Eastern side of the state and they both wanted seafood from some place we've never been. Etta's was it. Your thoughts are appreciated. Cool
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Thanks for the feedback.

Darn it, winebibber! I really thought about that sashimi, but didn't go for it. I should have it sounds like.

I had a very enjoyable meal there, too. I had marinated black cod served on a noodle cake, and served with a sweet / spicy sauce and sugar snap peas.

I really enjoyed the wine: a 2004 Rulo Walla Walla Valley Chardonnay ($39 on the list). It wasn't oakey and had very nice, bright acidity highlighting the refreshing green apple and pear notes. Very nice match with the food.

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