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Well, since making our reservation at Tchoup Chop for a Monday night in March, we were contacted by the restaurant and told that there was a "buyout" of place and we could move our reservation to another night or make it earlier. They offered half an hour earlier at 6:00 the same night and assured me that we would not be rushed through our meal. That was about 2 weeks ago. Tonight, they called and said that their was a "buyout" and we could not come on that night! I was offered a different night or to come for lunch. I made a reservation for another night but am ticked!! Do I have the right to be slightly offended? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Should we cancel and go somewhere else?
Feeling Very Small in Virginia

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You had a deal with this restaurant to do some business together and now they are not honoring that.

Do you mean to tell me that you have NEVER called a restaurant to cancel a reservation?? Or how about the folks who don't even bother to call, and just don't show up. When you cancel a reservation, it is because "something else came up" that took precedence over the reservation. Does the restaurant tell you: "Don't bother calling again. We don't want you here!" The reservation system is a two way street. Something came up on their end that took precedence over seating you. It is natural to feel insulted that the restuarant could have more important business. But If they offer a reasonable alternative, what more could one ask? If they say: "We can take you 6 weeks from next Tuesday" knowing that 90% of their traffic is from 1 week tourists, then I'd be p.o.'d. But if they offer a night plus or minus a night from the original date, I wouldn't mind. I might be disappointed if I had already filled out my schedule (which is common when going to WDW. I usually have my dinners mapped out well in advance.) Disappointed yes. But ticked off? No.
Tchoup Chop is a scam scam. Waste of money and a waste of time. I think they still have a policy of CHARGING you for breaking a reservation....yet apparently, they have not compensated you for breaking your reservation. I think it is overdone, overhyped, and just plain bad. There are dozens of better places in Orlando and a quick look at the chowhound Florida message board will point you in a more sane direction. Here is a review of the restaurant written when they opened that might help

Emeril's latest: Contrived and way too salty

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