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My daughters love the Dunkin Donuts egg wraps

Despite my best cooking efforts, they historically would not eat the version I created at home, so I set off on a mission to replicate the Dunkin' Donuts version. Much easier than I thought

1) Microwave an egg in a well buttered or oil sprayed cereal bowl for 30-35 seconds
2) Put the cooked egg on a soft taco sized flour tortilla. Dunkin' Donuts cuts their eggs in half but my tortilla's are a little bigger to one full egg covers 1/2 side of the tortilla
3) cover with cheese of choice
4) fold tortilla in half
5) wrap tortilla in a damp paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds

Breakfast in 2 minutes and it's actually pretty good
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Originally posted by SD-Wineaux:
Originally posted by Parcival:
Throw me a frickin' bone gents (spoken in Dr. Evil tone)

We're talking a 2 minute breakfast here!

Given your enjoyment of cooking, aren't you just cheating yourself? Smile

I felt like I was cheating myself when I poured my heart and soul into a delicious egg sandwich for my daughters only to have them proclaim that they love the Dunkin' egg wrap!

For me, egg sandwich with sharp cheddar, sausage, and pickled jalapenos on a homemade English muffin always does the trick. But, I must admit, at only 2 minutes for this egg wrap, I do foresee that this will pop up in my breakfast lineup on those days when just making a Nespresso coffee seems like a timing luxury!
Scrambled, fried, poached. If there's a tortilla underneath the filling and you can pick it up and eat it, it's a taco.
Every wrap I've seen is sandwich ingredients rolled up entirely like a burrito with a tortilla or flatbread. Maybe their r&d determined wrap sounds more appetizing than taco? Anyway, sounds good, but I live nowhere near a Dunkin Donuts.
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