I have a mild viral cold.... and if i was to rate my perception level re: olfactory and taste buds ... i think i am running at, say, 33% of normal (if not 25%). I guess i should be drinking cheap wine while i am sick.....I think i just wasted a good bottle of 2003 Signorello Cab sav (napa) as well as just opened a 2005 Valpolicella ....( i'm going to wine stopper the latter for tomorrow). My nasal decongestant drixoral is actually quite effective,though.
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If it's the virus I've got it lasts AGES. I've had it for three weeks. I'm all out of Contac 400s (the proper ones, made with pseudoephedrine, I bring them over from the UK) so I'm stuck with this hopeless phenylephrine crap. I've been rationing Afrin to no more than one dose every two days.

I've been trying to stick to the $10 stuff, but it's not fair on the wife.

Mimik: I hear you, but this, everything else AND no booze? Just shoot me.
Drinking wine with a cold? Never done that, but next time I have a cold, I'll dump a bottle down the sink. Same thing.
I've had a cold for two weeks and my senses are just now getting back to normal. I only tried drinking one glass of wine during the Super Bowl and it tasted like crap so I drank some beers. Nothing else tasted right either so I haven't bothered with any more, just seemed like a waste.

Nyquil works like a charm for me at night but I'd have been worried about mixing that with the cold pills and alcohol too. I'm no doctor and maybe it's not enough downers to worry about but I don't have any desire to pull a Jim Morrison and make my last meal downers and booze.
The only wine that tastes good to me when my sinuses are blocked is tawny Port. My drink of choice, though, is hot lemon juice with honey.

I never take cold pills. They only work for a while, and then the rebound leaves you worse off than if you had let nature take its course. Aspirin in the early stages is OK.
Board-o is right. I've got a cold this week and it's pointless to drink wine. I've had a couple pints of Smithwicks, but that's it.
When I am sick I just do not crave wine. Get something to irrigate your sinuses and eat well. Lots of vegetables and fruits. Forget about the cold pills.
Alcohol, as a diuretic, may inhibit medicine effects. Rest, eat very lightly (digestion consumes body energies), drink lots of water with drops of lemon juice and wait for better times.

I agree that it is better not to drink alcohol when taking medications. As least you can check a description online and read about side effects, contraindications and compatibility with alcohol. Personally I use Canadian Pharmacy site for this purpose. 

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I highly recommend a Percocet and a pint of good ale.  Trust me.    You'll feel better in a few minutes.

I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV.  No one should follow my medical advice under any circumstances.  (inserted by my lawyer)  

Also, drink plenty of water.


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