Dow's 1985, 1994, 2007 VP Gift pack

I'm just getting into ports and an interesting offer came my way. A friend of a friend has a Dow's 3 pack gift pack he got as a present that he wants to sell. I've just been drinking tawny's and LBV ports lately and have been wanting to get a nice bottle of VP to try.

The gift pack contains one bottle each of 1985, 1994, and 2007 VP. What's a fair price to pay for the three bottles total? He is asking $350CDN.
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You say it's a gift pack; is it in some sort special packaging that might be fun to display, or just those three bottles together? If it's in something that would look good to display and you plan on keeping the bottles for a few years, it might add some non-bottle value, but them I'm the guy that pays winebid the extra $10+shipping for the wooden box on case lots.

(You didn't ask, but I'd say the 1985 is a drink or hold, the 1994 is a hold or drink with lots of air, and don't touch the 2007 for another dozen or more years.)
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..... it might add some non-bottle value....

Probably not. Not worth paying any extra for in my opinion.


I wouldn't pay $100 premium for it myself, but some people are willing to pay a premium for a nice display. Hence, products such as this.

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