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Originally posted by MiamiAtty:
I found a great price ($32.99)locally down here and took all they had (26 bottles).

This could be the WOTY in '06. Didn't I say the same about the Don Melchor '01 in '05?? Wink

That made the top 5 with a lower score, so it's got to be in with a chance. So far it's looking to be a very good year for Chile and Australia.
I feel like I should just order them from some random NY store that has it in stock and bite the bullet on the shipping costs....I have a bad feeling that it will vanish, or exponentially increase in price by the time the issue hits the stores.
The '01 is a complete ghost these days, even though the production is in the thousands of cases I believe. It seems to be slowly trickling into retail stores...Almaviva '03 has been around for months, what's the deal?
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Originally posted by Claude Vaillancourt:
At SAQ, Don Melchor,2002 was 50 $ and Almaviva 2002 is 73 $ and Almaviva 2003 is 75 $. A good drop when compared with Almaviva, 1999, still available at 103 $.

It appears that the '03 Melchor is on the way to the SAQ. CDN$52. $10 premium over the US prices being posted on this thread, but if it's as good as JM says, I'll be buying. I hope they release it before WS names it WOTY.
Picked up a couple of bottles today in Boston - they laughed when I called our local Costco. Basically said they've been inundated with calls - at least in our neck of the woods.

FWIW - the owner said he thought the 03 was overrated at 96 - but he said that it is worlds beyond the 01 or 02 offerings.

Said to decant for at least 2 hours for best aromas.

Crazy question - when you buy a bottle with tissue wrapping, do you leave it on in your cellar or tear off?

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