I've got a Le Cache, primarily because it matches our dining room (my wife picked it out). It works fine and holds 156 750ml bottles all individually supported plus you can fit a dozen 1.5's on the top to each side of the cooling unit. I've got a few dessert 375's stuffed in their as well on the top.
Did you have any experience / research with the Dometic? I'm interetsed in the cooling unit concept (no motor, vibration, etc...) and can find little about it other than the parent company produces RV cooling units. Price seems to be roughly the same.
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Looking for advice / opinions on a Dometic unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might consider Vinotemp. They can build you just about anything you want for the space, and budged you have. Check out their “Economy Series” and think all wood racking system. The unit is shipped to you as a put together–read their FAQ–it’s easy and the components are great!

Unless you want an all glass front show piece, but for storing wine for long periods you won’t go wrong.

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Ron, we live in Quantico south of DC. Would you mind letting us know where you purchased your Le Cache? We are also looking to purchase a larger storage unit and the one you describe fits our needs. Additionally, I have heard nothing but positive reviews of Le Cache equipment.


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