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Hi, I'm new to the website, but I thought I'd ask this question since I'm not having any luck searching on my own.
My father just brought this wine bottle out of storage. A coworker gave it to him years ago, and apparently it had been owned by that person's father and grandfather before him. I checked online for everything that's written on the label, to no avail. I only found a Portuguese forum in which someone posted a picture of a similar label, except theirs says Tawny instead of Ruby.

If anyone has any knowledge of this wine, I'd sure be interested to find out what it's like, how old it is, or anything else you may know.

It is Caves do Restelo's Lusa Imperial Ruby, Portuguese Light Sweet Wine. The following are images of the bottle:

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One of the local port-heads could best respond to this (or you could try posting this question on, but this bottle seems odd for the claimed age. The fill is low, but the label just doesn't look that aged to me. The lack of age for a ruby is likely a good sign, but the low ullage looks bad. Either way, this is not a wine of value if that's what you were wondering about (even vintage ports appreciate in value very slowly).

Just give it a try and report back!
Hey, thanks for the reply! I actually wasn't too interested in how much it is worth (unless it is significant, of course). The reason for that is tied to the reason the fill seems low. We believe current ullage is due to the previous owner's storage. My father has since "plugged the leak" with wax, or something of that nature, but the missing wine is gone for good.
How old were you thinking this bottle is, though? How can people usually tell when there is no indication on the label? That would actually be my real question here I think.
well, this most likely isn't port.

Port by definition must be min 18% ABV according to the IDVP.

They'll give you that white label called a Selo to throw across the top.

This is 14.

Light sweet wine regardless of age would be very similar to the wine you find that comes in the jugs, ie white zinfindel. Very good chance that this one is maderized, and if you were to drink it, it'd probably be thin, sweet and watery.

btw the seller is actually caves do restelo who is a bulk exporter/distributor of wine in portugal. They probably got someone's over run and bottled and shipped it.

the age of teh bottle looks to be around something from the 70s

unfortunately, I'd say the bottle is probably worth nothing and i'd personally keep it around to tell stories.

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