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is a disaster and needs major face lift?! what a waste of a resources and air time. there is only a handful of shows(Molto Mario, Follow that Food) to watch, enjoy and learn from. the rest are runing on tums and peptobismol. whoever's in charge of this half baked programming, they need to go. i've had with them and these new cute shows like Dweasel and Lisa. how pathetic!

Free Martha!
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You mean you don't like watching the same episodes of "Unwrapped" and "Top 5" over and over and over again? Razz

Seriously though, you're absolutely right. And this is not the first thread on this BB about Food TV and its nincompoopy program scheduling.

They need more Ming Tsai and Mario Batali during prime time and they need to relegate the Unwrapped type shows to the early am hours. The only non-cooking show I like on their programming is "Food Finds".

And don't get me started on Emeril. Roll Eyes

BTW, Martha's show on Food TV is pretty good and it's worth a better spot.
I think the best show on Food Network is Good Eats with Alton Brown. He is imformative very funny and witty, and makes 1 particuliar dish in each show. I have learned so much from watching him and try not to miss an episode. WED's @ 9pm est. Food Network has certainly dropped the ball when it comes to wine coverage. I think a wine oriented show would be a nice mix to the fluff they so thoroughly cover in their current programming. Smile
I can't tell you how many times in the last few months this conversation has come up in our house!! It's getting to the point that it's as unwatchable as the very early days, when the original "The Essence of Emeril" was repeated 477 times a day.

Sara Moulton is driving both of us nuts now; we've always liked Good Eats & Alton Brown; Batali isn't quite as annoying as we first found him....

But please, I'd love some new shows - Unwrapped MUST GO!!!
'round these parts, Great Chefs of (insert your locale/universe here) airs on The Discovery Channel. But I agree, it's a much better show.

Dare I say it - one can almost see a reasonable 'marriage' between WS, Food & Wine, and Food TV. I miss Spencer Christian's wine show...

"This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk."
Jonathan Swift
The problems is the same that all networks have, too much time to fill, too little programing. Even the big networks have re-runs because there is just not enough good content to fill all the hours. It is expensive to produce TV shows, and even the cheapo types that the Food Network has (production wise) are expensive to make. That is why reality shows and those stupid cop chase shows are all over the place. They are very cheap to produce compared to drama and sitcoms.

Food network does need more quality programing, but the advertizing $$$ won't support the cost of producing the great types of shows that used to be on PBS etc. There has to be lots of cheap filler like Top 5 and Unwrapped in order to fill the time.

When in doubt, open another bottle.
The problem is that the FN caters to the Emeril heads it always has. So you are going to continue to have crap. Alton Brown is actually entertaining and I think it is important to show why ingredients react together. There are a lot of chefs and home cooks out there that do not have a basic foundation on cooking chemistry. He can be annoying but it's actually knowledge. As for everything else some good some bad. I just like to heckle while watching it so who is the bigger loser?
Up here in Canada (eh?), we too are subjected to the likes of Emeril and such, however there are a few shows that I'm not sure are available in the good ol' U.S. of A. that I find interesting:

1. OPENING SOON - documents the building of a restaurant from whatever it was before, to um, a restaurant. It's rather cool when it's a local site.

2. MADE TO ORDER - this show takes place in one of Toronto's finer eateries (RAIN), whereby the owners are asked to go way beyond the call of duty in order to 'seal that deal' or please 'please my wife'. My personal favorite is the latter, where hubby walks up to the owner and says 'Sunday is my anniversary and I had promised my wife a trip to Greece, but I can't leave work...ya gotta help me'. The owners decide to open up for him on a day that the restaurant is closed, with full wait staff and kitchen help, and deliver a package that must have cost $15,000 CA. Different courses were served at different locations in the restaurant - these guys literally had the place to themselves.

3. COOK LIKE A CHEF - hosted by various top end chefs, they wanna teach me how to cook? Good luck, but from a food standpoint, very interesting. Ultra cool background music - acid jazz, me thinks!

4. CHEF AT LARGE - a behind the scenes look at preparing gourmet food for large numbers of diners. Recently, a cruise ship, one of NYC's most exclusive large scale hotels, and Wrestlemania (the leftovers were delivered to shelters in downtown Toronto).

5. THE THIRSTY TRAVELLER - about the closest we have to a wine show. This guy used to be on Toronto's most popular after school kid's show, now he does the booze thing. Each episode is based on a particular libation - Stout, Vodka, Rioja, etc. How it's made TO what to serve it with.

All in all, we probably have a few chefs that you don't, and likewise. To a certain degree, it's the chef that makes the show (Nigella ROCKS, Rachel DON'T), but as one of our local chef-that-has-her-own-show says 'the food is the star of the show'. And Jamie Oliver is a gas! I could watch him make Tuna & Mayo sandwiches all day long.

Oh, and The Barefoot Contessa??? Please, save that till after dinner!
They need more Ming Tsai

Sorry andreasx, but Ming Tsai has let his contract with FN lapse, and will be moving to PBS. Don't know what will happen to the shows already in the can. I guess they will run in repeats. But you won't see any new ones unless you tune in to PBS, probably on Saturday afternoons.
I think Alton Browne is the most annoying ! Ugh!

I wouldn't even consider watching Deezil and Lisa.

Andrea Immer's has a wine show on Fine Living (?)but I keep seeing the same three shows over and over.

I like Jamie Oliver even though you would have to translate from the metric system.

I find the FoodTV website a good source for receipes though.
Originally posted by PURPLE:
I like Jamie Oliver even though you would have to translate from the metric system.

The easy solution is to have the US join the rest of the world and use the metric system. Razz

Is anyone going to watch the seriously hot Giada de Laurentiis host Chocolate week kicking off on Sunday?

As good looking as she is, she better be careful with her on camera antics. She's starting to turn into a Rachel Ray with all her oohs and aahs and mmms. Mad
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I completely agree that they need some major overhaul at the food network!
It seems that they made an effort to have different kinds of shows, as opposed to classic cooking shows. Now we are stuck with crap like Unwrapped, Top 5, and $40 a day. I also don't like All American Festivals or Roker on the Road. Not to mention, I cannot stand Alton Brown for a minute (yet I like the idea of the show).

A wine oriented show would have an audience if done right! Smile Any ideas?

No one has mentioned Iron Chef. I personally like it and wouldn't mind another show like it.
The Food Network caters to its market. Clearly many people here are not their market. But there are millions that are.

The "Fine Living" channel is a good alternative. Napa Style and Andrea Immers' wine show are a few notches up over any Food Network show. That's what I watch, although I find some amusing shows on FoodTV and use their website extensively.

In response to Chef Neil-

Jacques Torres is amazing, a true artist in his field. Watching him work is fascinating and has inspired me to attempt to make candy (truffles and barks mainly). Next time I am in New York, I think I will visit his store in Brooklyn.

I agree that the Food TV programs that has caused disdain must have an audience, but I also think that there is room on the network for the audience here and we would like a quality show about wine Wink!! (And fewer repeats of Unwrapped Smile)
Originally posted by andreasx:
There are people out there who enjoy watching the same episode of "Unwrapped" 25 times over? WHO _ARE_ THESE PEOPLE? Eek Big Grin

I travel alot and believe me, "THOSE PEOPLE" are out there. Just look around the airport boarding areas. Roll Eyes Luckily I'm sitting in Delta's Crown room at the moment and don't have to American-people-watch.

Andrea's Hawaii show was really dumb. And while her shows are not for wine intermediates, she has some interesting topics and I have picked up a few unknown, to me, facts here and there. I like that she doesn't talk down to her audience and she doesn't use any cleavage to get her point across.

I think you have to have satellite to get Fine Living or ask your cable company about its availability.

I enjoy the travel/food/wine shows that FN air. I enjoyed Anthony Bourdain a lot. I like Mario Batali's show. He seems on a mission to preserve the "originals" in Italian food. Giada de Laurentis is great in my opinion, and is probably the most beautiful woman on TV, in my opinion. That smile . . . those eyes . . .oh, sorry.

Alton Brown is simply too detail oriented for me and Jamie Oliver is sloppy - they are opposites. Perhaps a show where they are expected to work together would be funny and potentially violent! I can see it now . . .

JO- "Well mate, you just whack in some of this pukka, lovely tukka"

AB- "Excuse me, what cooking technique does "whack" refer to. My God, where did you study? Folks, one should use a precise, julienne techique, approximatey 1/8" wide, using the appropriate knife and a non-reactive bowl."

JO- "Piss off, mate. If I wanna say "whack," I'll say "whack." While I'm at it mate, I'll whack you in your bloody proper American gob."

It has potential! Wink
originally posted by grunhauser-
"cheap skate Rachel Ray from $40 a day and 30 minutes meals is driving me crazy! i remember awile ago someone described her as "hot" she is such a giggling fake italian couchon! ban her from the screen! along with Emeril's mother and that duffus from Unwrapped!"

Well, grunhauser, we are all entitled to our opinions, however, I personally enjoy "30 Minute
Meals"...As a working mom and wife, I am often throwing dinner together in a hurry as soon as I get home from work with littlek111 intow...I think the recipes/techniques utilized on this show come in pretty handy.

About the best I've seen on Wine on FoodTV is on Emerils. I dig him, but in smaller doses than I used to. I wish they'd bring back Iron Chef!

I think they could find a cute or informative host, put on half an hour and give Wine it's credit to food at LEAST twice a week.


Originally posted by kpak:
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they would put some good wine shows on FoodTV.

por vino - fine hand crafted beaded jewelry
There are some talented chefs on this network but the programming is really off. Everybody has a favorite and a favorite to rip on. Below I offer a take on some of the shows and/or chefs...

Essence of Emeril- Informative and entertaining but this show proves that the man is on way too much. I do like a lot of the recipes that he makes.

Emeril Live- Fun show but it is on so much it is over the top. Emeril is a good man with a big heart but this show demonstrates that he will just hack his way thru a lot of dishes. Guests are annoying most of the time and the garlic/booze audience responses are silly. No one in their right mind could eat some of the raw garlic amounts that he tosses in his food. Slow down and quit ramming this show down our throats.

Sweet Dreams- Gale Gand is a very nice lady. I met her a few times and I have worked in special functions with her on a couple of occasions. The show is informative and it is educational and she does a good job presenting her dishes. The only negative is she brings her personal life into the show way too much. I hear more about her son than I care to know and when he is on the show goes off.

Cooking Live- Sara Moulton drives me up a wall most of the time. I would love to see this lady get on an actual restaurant line and cook. Her techniques put me to sleep.

Sara's Secrets- A step up for SM because she brings on some very good guests and they show the viewer what can be done and how it is done.

Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay- Is there a more arrogant chef on the network? Bobby makes some interesting food and some innovative recipes for his style of cuisine but he amuses himself with his swagger and that is a turn off. He just rolled over Jackie Malouf on the original show and the tension was so thick in the air it was good entertainment but he needs to come back down to earth.

Chocolate with Jacques Torres- Can be a fun show and there is no mistaking his skills but there is no way a home cook is going to put together some of these creations. He is always working with molds and that is, once again, over the top. Love when he hits the road to show us places and people of interest.

Food 911- Tyler Florence is a very good cook and this is a fun show IMO because he cooks with ordinary folks all of the time. I love it when he has the single guy and has to work with those gaudy plastic bowls and such. A real trooper who does no-nonsense food.

Tyler's Ultimate- Another good show from TF. Original and refreshing plus he gets high marks for showing us the different techniques of his guests and his creations.

Molto Mario- This is a fun show and Mario makes it happen with his well-versed knowledge of the cuisine and Italian culture. Fun sense of humor and some interesting guests.

Ciao America with Mario Batali- Excellent show but a bit too serious. It seems like someone whispered in MM's ear and told him to get serious. I just like when the chefs hit the road.

Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Class- Very informative and much better now that he is out of the studio with the live audience. The thing that strikes me is the amount of edits that happen on this show. Wolf is a very successful man but he sure is a hack.

From Martha's Kitchen- Not a big fan of the snobbery but I know a good show when I see it. Martha has great shows most of the time because she has awesome technique and uses the best. Nothing is compromised here from the cutting boards to the fresh ingredients. Everything is top-notch quality. It is funny to watch the tension when some of her guests are on.

30 Minute Meals- What more can be said about the queen of hack? The ridiculous facial expressions and the over exuberance is laughable. This is all about the cute girl next door with the tight jeans and the great connections. It's whom you know folks!

$40 a Day- More of the same. Tight pants, cute laugh and boisterous behavior. I just cannot fathom the lack of tipping and the fact that she orders like a hungry truck driver is just unbelievable.

Barefoot Contessa- I like this show because this lady can cook and she is all about having fun. Sure- we all wish that we can live in the Hamptons and worry about driving the 'Benz in for the daily shopping trip but she makes it look enjoyable without rubbing it in like Martha does.

Paula's Home Cooking- This is another fun show and the food is always down home scratch cooking at it's best. I can get a little turned off when Paula eats her samples and coos like a porn star.

Oliver's Twist- Very original and fun show. Nothing like a culinary imp to get the program going and Oliver can vamp it up.

Everyday Italian- Wrong wrong wrong! Cute granddaughter of a famous director gets her own show. Can this lady enunciate any better? How come she pronounces every Italian dish in the world different than everyone else?

How to Boil Water- OK, I am just not going there.

Good Eats- Another fun show but Alton Brown needs to cook more and leave the HS science spots out as much as possible. He can be scientific without being Mr. Rodgers.

Easy Entertaining- This show is informative but really is the west coast answer to Ina.

All in all, I missed a few but these are the shows that we watch the most. I think Sara and Emeril are on way too much and there should be more shows for wine and something along the line of Great Chefs. The travels and the cooking demonstrations are the best but the over the top stuff is just plain silly...

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