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We’ve finally taken the plunge: Ronnie and myself are now officially in the wine business! After more than a year of deliberating, planning and tasting, we can now officially call ourselves registered wine importers. We have taken delivery of our first wines and attended our first trade show (and, at that show, won a first price for one of the wines we are importing: so cool!).

For those of you that know us, it should come as no surprise that we are importing Portuguese wine. We are EXTREMELY proud to be the Dutch importer of the wines of Lavardores de Feitoria (imported into the US by Eric Salomon) and CARM (imported into Canada, not sure about a US-importer). No Port in our portfolio yet, but we are working on it…and we hope to add some more wines soon as well.

The reason we are posting this is that we wanted to assure the board of the objectivity in our TNs. We love Portuguese wine and will - arouse you interest in them / bore you – with many more TNs, but we will ALWAYS disclose whether we have a commercial interest with them.
Oh, our name? ROCAwijnen (ROots + CAge…makes sense, doesn’t it?) Smile
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Hi guys. What can you tell us about the wines that will be available?

To be honest, I clicked on the link and still cannot tell if and when these wine will appear in the provincial wine stores, or if they will just be distributed privately. Can you say? If they will be in the provincial wine stores, can you say which wines, and when? (there are two releases of wines each month)

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