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It's late and I just got home, but I thought I would catch myself while I'm fresh. No notes, so this is off the fly.....

Here goes.....

'90 Bollinger R.D.

This is a bruiser of a Champagne. And, maybe that's what makes it a 98 pt'er? Wet stone, mineral, thick lemon mousse, solid apple pie, charcoal, sourdough and a vibrant effervescent entry. This wine needs a few more years to pull together, but I think it's great. 95 pts. solid.

'96 Dom Perignon

Just now starting to open. I've had this twice since release and this was the best showing yet. Lighter bodied/more elegant in style than the '90 or '95. Citrus oil, lemon blossom, steel, mineral, and pie crust are noticeable. Lots of vibrant acidity and zippy fruit/effervecensce. I think this needs time to put on weight. Should be a great champagne with a bit more age. 96+ pts.

'90 Krug

Very nice Champagne, but this was like swiss cheese for me. I loved it, but it had holes in it. Deep straw/yellow in color. Yeasty, mineral, sweet fuji apple aromas. Great attack, but it faded on the midpalate and finish. Well balanced, with a pleasant sweetness to it, but I think it lacked in complexity and structure. 94 pts. for me.

'88 Mouton

Deep and dense. Lead pencil, coffee grounds, anise, tobacco, and black plum. This was somewhat closed in and one dimensional. Deep, but one dimensional. Not ready to drink yet. Full of power, but lacking in grace/complexity. Still a fantastic wine. This went well with the heartier meat course. 94+ pts.

'89 Mouton

Wow.....this would end up being part of the trio of reds that I really enjoyed. Sweet tobacco, earth, lead pencil, nutmeg, and blueberry on the nose. Similar palate presence with baking spices and cigar added. This was just starting to enter it's prime and should blossom over the next 10-15 years. 95+ pts.

'89 Lynch Bages

Also a lovely wine. Very approchable, yet it still has plenty of life left in it. New saddle leather, sweet tobacco, wet earth, black cherry, mineral, vanillin, underbrush, pain grille and currant dominated. I think this had more structure than the '89 Mouton, but I liked them equally. 96 pts.

'82 Pichon Lalande

This was the epitome of Bordeaux. Leather, wet earth, mushroom, provencial herbs, sage, plum, and olive on the nose. Very well balanced on the palate. Still plenty of structure for aging. This had been in the decanter for an hour or more before it was served and it was still very youthful. Creme de cassis, olive, herbs, black plum, sweet tobcacco, leather, and cherry dominated. This was the most balanced of the Bordeaux's we had from entry to palate to finish. But, for me, it lacked in sweetness. It's California sibling would be the '74 Heitz Martha's. Wonderful wine.....96 pts.

'89 Latour

For me this was the "wild card" of the group. Still very astringent. Firm acids and tannin, and not very giving on the nose or palate. Typical Bordeaux profile, but closed in and shut down. After 20 mins. of swirling, I had some nice red rose petal aromas and earthy components coming forth. But....I think this needs MANY more years. I just hope the fruit will outlast the wines rugged personality...but I have hope! 93+ for me.

'89 Pichon Baron

Wow...right in there with my favorites for the night. Creme Brulee, tobacco, blueberry pie, earth, lead pencil, and blackberries, toasty oak, and currant dominated the nose and plate. Still lots of life in this wine. Just starting to enter it's prime. 97 pts. for me. Lovely.

'00 Tertre Roteboeuf

This could very well be the wine of the night. Vanillin, coffee grounds, strawberry pie, blueberries, cigar spice, and wet earth dominated. Wonderful glycerin, and a very full midpalate with lots of stuffing. This should age VERY well. This had BODY to it. The most well balanced and well "stuffed" wine of the night. 98 pts.

2001 Ausone

Incredible nose. Violets, toffee, sweet earth, blackberries, mocha and baking spices. Still very closed in on the palate. The acid and tannin dominate, but the fruit was beginning to shine through after 5+ hours of decanting. This is nowhere near ready to drink. The midpalate needs many more years to develop. Too primal. Don't open for another 15 years min.. 95+ pts.

2001 Reuissec

Way too young. Very vibrant. Youthful with lots of acidity and primary fruit. This isn't even CLOSE to being what it will be. Notes of coconut, pineapple, ginger, apple pie, toasty oak, and lemon mousse. Very fresh acidity. Perfect oily body on the midpalate. This should be great in 10-20 years min. 98+ for me.

'89 Suduirauit Cuvee Madame (Creme de Tete)

Very dense. Dark orange/golden in color. Notes of baking spices, espresso grounds, toffee, rich honey, tangerine and botrytis dominate. This is either at it's peak or just beginning to enter it. It's so rich it's hard to tell? 97 pts. for me.

Ooops....I left out one wine....

'03 August West Pinot Noir

One of the best CA Pinot's I've had. This reminded me a lot of the '01 Testarossa Gary's Vin. that I really enjoyed. Strawberry compote, vanilla bean, red floral aromatics, and a touch of white pepper. Very strong from start to finish. 93+ pts.

The food was great, the company superb, and the wines were excellent. My kind of night!

Cheers all and thanks for bringing what you did!

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What a fabulous wine line-up!

The Tertre Roteboeuf wines are perhaps my favorite Bordeaux bottlings. Great power and density, yet still can be enjoyed in its youth.

Your note on the 1988 Mouton shows more evolution than I have ever seen. One dimensional sums it up for me. Maybe it will blossom in another decade or two...

I can't wait to hear PYang's take on this line-up!

Great notes as always! I won't try to replicate, but will list some notes from last night:

I felt the 96 Dom was the most sumptuous and complex of the three champagnes poured, which was no small feat given the pedigree of the other two wines. Wonderfully broad notes of steel and ginger compote throughout the nose and midpalate and a brilliant finish. Drinking much better than the bottle I popped six months ago. I'd keep my hands off for the next four years.

Of the Bordeaux, I was partial to the '89's (yes, all four) and the 00 Tertre Rotebeouf.

Best nose of the night: 01 Ausone. What a potentially tremendous wine. It was a real treat to try this wine so early in its' evolution.

Both Sauternes were excellent, but I was especially grateful for the taste of '01 Reuissec. . .believe the hype!

As for the meal, I'd give it 93 points. Nine separate courses worked well with our extended tasting, and service was top notch. While the Chef's handiwork was brilliant, I'm not a big fan of micro portions. Also, I felt the desserts missed the mark.

Personally, I find myself more comfortable with a slow paced meal in a good steakhouse, where I believe all of these wines would of worked as well if not better.

As for the company, it was fantastic, and I look forward to doing it again soon. Smile
First of all, a big round of applause to ALotaFagina for arranging this wonderful evening at Masa's.

Of course, this can't be possible without the Sommelier Allan Murray, General Manager Todd Stillman, the chefs and the staff of the restaurant. The service and execution was right on target, made this one of the more memorable dinner in recent memory.

My notes from the evening are spotty at best, as the combination of wonderful friends, food and wine just became too much of a distraction throughout the dinner. Here goes nothing. Wink

Of the trio of Champagne, my preference goes to the 1990 Krug. The Krug had the most powerful nose with much more complexity showing on the palate. Layers of grape fruit, lemon zest, and the overgrown Chinese citrus fruit which the name is escaping me at the moment. Elegance of this wine is not touched by the other two entries.
The particular bottle of 1996 Dom Perignonthis night was the best showing one I've had to date. It stood out due to it's sweet cotton candy, creme friache finish that became more powerful and evident as the bubblie evolved in the glass. The type of sweetness that's usually seen in California bubblies.

1998 Dunnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Spatlese
Very appraent nose of gasoine and petro. Smooth, silky granny smith apple and light honey dances on the palate. Nice wine to clean the palate before diving into the Bordeaux lineup.

2003 August West Rosella's Vineyard Pinot Noir
Load of strawberries explodes from the glass. A very fruity and chewy wine at present time, slightly warm. Would like to taste this again in about nine month.

1982 Pichon Lalande
Light-medium bricking. Bouquet of fragrant Chinese medicine stew and sautéed fresh Shitake mushroom rises from the stem. WOW! A beautiful and complete wine that does not have enough words to describe. Silky smooth tannin with layers of medium-dark fruit balanced by spice, earth and mushrooms. A wine to close your eye and enjoy and not worry about anything else.

The 1989 Mouton was definitly showing a lot more than the 1998 Mouton. Interestingly, '89 showed more bricking while '88 appeared fresh. 1989 was much more expressive all the way around but have ways to go before it fully blossoms. On the other hand, I couldn't get much out of the 1998, tight, closed and not giving much.

2001 Rieussec, second time I had this, perhaps the last time for a while, at least out of my stash. Wink By far, the best young Sauterne I've ever had, everything one would even want from a Sauterne can be found in here. Heavy weight, oily texture, ripe core fruits balanced by acidity that's not showing but hidden in the background. Great palate weight.

There were no real notes to speak of for the other three 1989 Bordeaux. 1989 Lynch-Bages was the most fruit forward out of the three. Chinese black tea and fruity was the few words I jogged down while conversing with fellow forumites.
Out of the three, the 1989 Latour evolved the most in the glass, garnered a YUMMY! by the time I finished the last drop.
The 1989 Pichon Baron was as enjoyable as the others, showing a slight hint of cocoa.

Sheer power comes to mind with both the two fresh Bordeaux entries. In fact, the blueberries on the nose from the 2001 Ausone is so powerful that it resembles a distant cousin of Aussie Shiraz. Walls of tannin with loads of black fruits actually making an appearance. Great palate, VERY primal, but definitely a wine with tremendous stuffing build for the long run.
The 2000 Le Tertre Roteboeuf is surprisingly approachable. Waves of chocolate, black fruits, casis and creme de cocoa rushes onto the palate. Very firm tannin but not one bit offensive or angular. Time will only turn this wine into a legend down the road, nothing less.

1989 Suduiraut Creme de Tete. No notes here, time is approaching 11:00pm by now, four hours into the dinner. Sweet and nutty is all I jogged down.

Crazy gusbo decides to open a few more wine after the long dinner. I believe the two whites were the 1999 Mure Tokay-Pinot Gris Vorbourg Clos Saint Landelin and 2000 Mure Riesling Vorbourg Clos Saint Landelin.
Just to end the night in true gusbo fashion, we finished up with the 1990 d'Yquem. Absolutely speechless by this time.
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Excellent evening of wonderful excesses Eek! I only wish I could have joined in Smile!

How much did Masa's charge for corkage?

I was very surprised that you did not find the sweetness in the 1982 Pichon Lalande, and also, that the 1989 Pichon Baron scored better Eek! It sounds as if that 1982 Pichon Lalande might have been just a little off? I have found that it has always been one of the sweetest of all the 1982 Bordeaux wines, and consistently been a 99/100 point wine.

BTW, after drinking all of those wines-----Great job on those notes, and thanks for sharing.

I thought it was a fantastic example of Bordeaux, but I have to say that this bottle did not blow my mind like I anticipated it to. It was very complex, but I did not get any "sweetness" to it (actually the main reason my score was not higher). More of a rustic, earthy, tobacco, black plum, kind of wine. The two young right bankers were, by far, the sweetest of the "dry reds" group. One reason I enjoy the right bank a bit more than the left...they typically have more glycerin and sweetness than the lefties. Right now I measure all my Bordeaux up to the '75 Petrus, which has been the greatest Bordeaux Red I've had yet.



I could stop there, but then again the least I can do is thank Alotta and Pyang for setting this up.....THANKS! Cool

Not so happy about being called "crazy", but coming from Pyang............well, all is said! Razz

The ´96 Dom should appeal to more people as it is frutier and "sweeter", but the Krug can pair better with food and is not a "toasting" type of bubbly.

The nose on the ´82 Lalande never quite matched the palate, we discussed this a bit. The nose being either green tabacco or sage and little fruits. The texture of course was "pure silk" but not showing "a lot" of fruit.
We had the Lalande before the 89´s, so I do not think we were influenced by their higher fruit profile.

It´s kind of late and I´ll just come back tomorrow and continue the comments on this.

Once again, Sam and Powell.......Thanks!!


Orlando, I´m glad this dinner took place on this date and not before. Big Grin
See you soon.

The only other 2001 Sauterne I've had was the Doisy Vedrines, which was not in the same league as Rieussec.

I have some Guiraud but haven't got around to open one yet, still waiting for the Clos Haut-Peyraguey to arrive. Hoping for Suduiraut to pop up at a Costco.

stealthman_1 is threatening to do a 2001 Sauternes horizontal tasting once all his futures arrive. I will be making sure my calendar is cleared that evening. Big Grin
I may need to crash the party as well.

I've had the Coutet and the Lafaurey Peyraguey, the latter the better wine, but neither as wonderful as the Suduiraut. 91-92 and 94-95 pts respectively imo vs 97-98.

I am still expecting my futures orders of Rieussec, Suduiraut, D-V, LP, and Coutet from '01.

After I tasted the Suduiraut, I immediatedly ordered '03 futures of...
La Tour Blanche

FWIW, Parker has rated the '01 vintage 98 pts, the '02 and '03 vintages 95 pts each. But it is clear from descriptions he prefers the '03 to the '02.

And WS does too I believe.

I missed out on the '02 order. But, the '03 should be great and different in style to the '01. At $20-30/375, there will be no pain in the pocket either.
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