No notes taken, just some brief recollections:

1978 Pommard-Epenots (Drouhin): Lovely floral nose, expansive with bright cherry flavor, just a little light, probably was better 2 years ago. 90

1966 Lafite: Great Lafite perfume, still plenty of tannin left, not quite rich enough, lots of life remaining. 90

1985 Beaucastel: WOTN A little brett which blew off quickly, wonderful fruit and complexity, ready. 93

2002 Marquis Philips S2 Cab: It's been said many times here. 92

1988 Chateau Suduiraut (1/2 bottle): Lovely botrytised nose, balanced, great with creamy dessert. 91

Just one more sip.
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Is that the order in which you served them?
How about the pairing?

Suduiraut holds "prefered" Sauternes status chez Gusbo Wink, specially the '88 vintage, on account of my son's birthday. But I find the '89 and '90 a bit richer.
Always try and pair Suduiraut with Creme Brulee os as you said "creamy" dessert (vanilla, etc.)
VS. something like Coutet which will usually have a little more of a "citrus" profile.

That was the order. The Pommard was served with lightly Cajun-spiced lobster tails. The Lafite and Beaucastel were paired with rack of lamb, wild rice, and broccoli rabe. The S2 was served with a cheese assortment and the Suduiraut with Macadamia Brittle Ice Cream with raspberries.

I agree on the Suduiraut not being quite rich enough. I've had a number of vintages of this wine and like a little more stuffing in it. My all-time favorite Suduiraut is the 1970.

Just one more sip.
Interesting pairing for the Pommard, why not a white Burgundy?
Was it a "see through" red burg already?
Maybe I'll try this over the weekend with some white fish (no lobster Roll Eyes) pair it with two wines, a red and a white.
I've got an '89 Nuits St. Georges that is quite light; that, and a '94 Meursault by Verget.
When you say "cajun spice", is it a ready made mix from a bottle?
The fish will be very fresh, something from the grouper family.
Will post on the results.

gusbo, admittedly the Pommard and the lobster tails were not a perfect pairing, but the dinner guests were wine knowledgeable friends and I really wanted to open the Burgundy. The lobster tails were lightly spiced and the combination actually worked OK for me. I guess a Sauvignon Blanc would have been a better choice, but due to the limited number of bottles to be served, I felt it better to skip the white wine in favor of the Burgundy. Nobody complained.

Just one more sip.
Changing the subject slightly, but keeping it on Sauternes.... wondering if you think the following 1988s should be consumed now, or if they could still use some quality time in the cellar?

Ch. Lafaurie-Peyraquey
Ch. Rabaud-Promis
haggis, probably others can help more than I can. I believe the Suduiraut was the only 1988 Sauternes I've had. Based on tasting many different vintages of Suduiraut, I felt the 1988 was a solid wine, but lacked the richness of the better vintages. I'd classify it as below average, but still good. The 1988 Sauternes vintage is purportedly outstanding.

Just one more sip.
daring pairing, and i'm glad to hear it worked out ok. when feeding wine enthusiasts, food plays a secondary role, and even though i usually preffer pommards with poultry - ducks, chickens and cow cheeses, i wouldn't have missed the chance of trying an aged Pommard alongside a raw potato, never mind the lobster tails Big Grin
a Rose Champagne would have been a perfect match.
Well, I wouldn't call it daring. We wanted to have the Pommard and didn't want it overpowered. While the wine took precedence, I also was able to get some nice lobster tails, so while the pairing wasn't ideal, we made do.

Just one more sip.

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