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My wife and I will be in Dallas for a short trip this weekend to see my new niece. We are going to be close to I-75 and Mockingbird and would like to eat at a nice restaurant. My wife usually only likes beef and chicken. So with that in mind please give me a heads up as to a nice restaurant.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Originally posted by seanr7:
It was actually a test. I was curious as to which site I would get the first response from and which I would get the most helpful responses from. So far VC is kicking WS' ass.
I sit at home most of the summer days and the one busy afternoon I have, you make a post like this. I would have been the first to answer your post if I had been home.
Originally posted by just a skosh:
In the general vicinity, Hibiscus and Cafe Italia are my favs. Bob's is good, especially on the people-watching score, if you're in to that. Went to Abacus recently on our 5th (anniversary). Food was great, wine list good, atmosphere very noisy. May or may not be just fab depending on what kind of evening you're after. Enjoy!

I've heard good things about Hibiscus. J-A-K, what did you have to eat?
At Hibiscus, it was the tenderloin done w/very simple treatment - layering of bit of blue cheese, tomatoes, and balsamic. Split an appetizer, but due to the killing of brain cells (ongoing), I can't - for the life of me - remember what it was. Table shared the lobster special which was delicious (done w/mandarin orange, rum type sauce). I myself am not a big "orange" fan yet I loved it. Chef showed great restraint and didn't overpower the good old Maine lobster. Hubby swears the fries were great. And, I had some of a mac and cheese side that was surprisingly good. Nice wine list, mostly American.
Went to Smith & Wollensky's tonight. Had been meaning to go there for a while now (right down the street from the house). redwine&sox's endorsement motivated me to actually make it happen. Wink Service was very good. Food okay. The shrimp were kind of scary - jumbo, but tough. The Wollensky salad with the very light mustard vinagrette was nice. My filet (requested medium) was medium rare. Fine with me - after all, I could have asked to have it done a bit more. NY cheesecake (brought in from off premises) and coconut cake were only okay. A couple of glasses of Wente syrah went down nicely. Smile Kind of a last minute thing (since we'd planned to lay low), so not a bad evening.
I had my second trip to the Lone Star state in two weeks, this time to Dallas. I went with the suggestion of this board to Lola's, and it was fantastic. I agree that the price of the food and wine are quite reasonable for the quality, and the service was outstanding. In fact, after I ordered a Shafer 2001 cab and then a Ernie Els 2001 Stellensbosch of which they had neither, they brought us a 2002 Goosecross cab for free. We then finished the night off with a 1985 Mondavi Reserve cab (for another thread, I experienced the difference in the older and newer wine styles). My lamb chops, mussels and beet salad were superb. Great place.

The second night saw me go back to my Greek roots, although I wanted to go to Mio Modo. We chose Zizikis in the Travis Walk area. Although not with the eloborate decor or service of Lola, the food quality was almost as good. I went with the traditional Greek fare, but did get the Hawaiian fish (trademark of the place). I tasted the lamb, and it was better than Lola's. The baklava icecream cake is to die for. We were told that Jerry Jones is a regular at this place as are many other "beautiful" people.

A side note of Ziziki's is a great wine bar and store two doors down called Chateau Wine. Although a tad pricey, they had an excellent selection of high end wines from everywhere. This place also had a great wine bar in the back.

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