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Just a side note I have a question on the wine conversation board about the wine flight.

Finally took a vacation with my hubby to Vegas and decided to try Aureole since we were staying at Mandalay Bay. We both ordered the Tasting menu and wine flight. This consisted of a 7 course meal. Servings were french style (as my husband says small), which was fine with me. We were extremely full at the end of the meal.

1. Alaskan King Crab legs-basically a refreshing wild green salad and crab salad on a piece of endive.
Wine: Donnhoff, Nahe, Riesling 2004.

2. Hand rolled primavera Gnocchi-basic gnocchi not bad. wine: Domaine de Cezin, Coteaux du loir, france 2004. Did not care for this wine at all.

3. Grilled pacific sanpper with rustice ratatouille. Very nice piece of fish with refreshing chunky tomato sauce. I really liked this dish.
Wine: Woodward canyon, chardonnay, Blah did not like this wine paired with this fish.

4. Moulard duck Breast with Rhubarb Confit. I also really liked this dish as well.
Wine: Borgo del tiglio, rosso, collio, Italy 1995. Not bad pairing with meal but would not purchase this wine.

5. Herb roasted veal loin and tender veal stuffed ravioli. Nice but a little to salty for my taste.
Wine: Cabernet sauvignon, terra valentine, spring mountain, ca. 2002. Bland.

6. Tasting of cheese with roasted peach and herb salad, maple walnut toast. Very good fresh cheeses.
Wine: Giacomo bologna, "Braida" Brachettod'acqui, Italy, 2002. Sparkling, not bad with cheeses.

7. Pistachio financier with vanilla and pistachio ice cream terrine. Also, served with a selection of chocolate treats and an assorted fruit sorbet. This by far was the best desert I have ever eaten. The pastry or dessert chef recieves many kudos from me. The chocolate was fabulous, pistachio ice cream delicious and fresh, the only sorbet I enjoyed was the cantalope, the lemon was too sour for my taste.

All in all a nice dinner but not the best I have ever had for the price. Very disappointed with the wine pairings as you can tell.
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I also have eaten at Aureole, but it has been at least three of four years ago. I can't remember what I ate and drank exactly, but I remember the food was quite good. I was disappointed with the wine pairings as well. I haven't felt the need to go back since.

Next time try Picasso at Bellagio. Still my favorite restaurant on the Strip.
I view Aureole as one of those places that you have to experience, and the food is quite good, but there are other places which give you more value for the money. Aureole has the elegance, service and wine list, but to me, there is something not quite there. A few of the above responses indicate the same thing. I would go again, but if I do not, it is not the end of the world. I put Emerils in the same category.

i'd agree. my family started going to Mandalay the day they opened & continued to for about a good 5-6 years after, until we switched to Green Valley Ranch & now Red Rock in Summerlin. while not the first, Aureole opened right at the beginning of the mass infusion of big name Chef's occupying space on the Strip. i almost think of it as i do Spago in the Forum Shops (good call on Emeril's)... now with places like Nob Hill, 808, etc... Aureole has been passed as far as food in my opinion, and rightly so as others have opened in Vegas. but still gives you all the things described... elegance, service, wine list, and above all - the now classic, over the top, above & beyond experience that is "big name" Vegas dining on the Strip.

for what its worth, during the 5+ years i used to stay there, i went to Aureole twice... while i couldn't tell you how many times i went to 3950 (the OG Steak house that used to be there) & Shanghai Lilly, Rock Lobster (when it was there), Border Grill, etc...

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