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at pride, tim said to me i will have to buy three and can get up to 6 so an that is just the res cab. and after a few years i can move up ! (clarets).your on their wait list thats what he said!
an i guess its a must to buy or you get taken of. theres a new body doing this so their droping a lot this year to make room for new people long story!
geo.t, slapshot,thomas,
wineO has to work so he's out for friday night.
need help with a byo place or some ones house? mine is to far to drive too. else i do it, slapshot ,and your driver is out of town. so help is needed.(sounds like jcube is staying down town
geo.t, is yor better half coming,or planning
on it?
an anyone else thinking of coming?
what about rocky's?
careron's steakhouse if they do not sell the wine only corkage $15

jcube , i hear that marriott is not all that nice!
sorry that's what i meant!
about steve an rockys
i called a while back wanting to go to dinner their and bring some wine an they told me no!
if you can help out that would be great!an that what it looks like
unless some one else speaks up!!
thomas still out of town!
we are in and have a sitter!
if you have some one that would like to join in .
wine i will bring 01 merus and 01 neal second chance or 01 pride cab or 91 ch. montelena
napacat can you come out or is it to close to napakitten coming
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