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We have a couple of possibilities. It will take some time to see what I have. We could do a '98 Heitz Bella Oaks, a '98 Behrens & Hitchcock Ink Grade, an '04 Stag's Leap Fay, or a Pine Ridge or Sterling something. There's many more, but most are '05 or younger. We'll bring two that we plan to open. We always bring emergency back up bottles.
I do have some other possibilities, mostly mid 2000s. Trefethen, Newton, Von Strasser, Envy, Montelena (unless I'm breaking a vertical), Vincent Arroyo, Gustavo Thrace, Hall, & O'Brien. Most of my others are too young. Anything sound interesting?

We opened a '98 Heitz Bella Oaks last night, and were not overly impressed. I thought it smelled and tasted like a Bordeaux, and my wife liked it even less. I'll probably bring one just for comparison, and get other's impressions. It won't be one of my two.
I've actually got lots o' glasses (like 20 or so Cab glasses - essentially a Spiegelau copy sold by Cost Plus World Market), so feel free to bring your own if you like, but I'll have all of mine available regardless. I'd like to contribute a non-CA/non-Bdx ringer, as I believe it will be the best wine I can contribute. Cool? Anybody up for port to follow our Cabs? Also I will likely be alone, as my prettier half is scheduled to travel that weekend.

I'm not sure why I haven't received emails at my yahoo account, but let's try scotteoneil at gmail dot com. I'll provide more information about our meeting place and other particulars via email.
Originally posted by RonBurgundy:
I sent an email to the address in Stickman's post above and didn't get a response. Try coloradowinepress at gmail dot com.

I just responded to your email. Let me know what you think. Dave C and crew responded earlier and are in, and Sandy's in.

So have we settled on a 5:00 start, or are we starting later?
Looks like I got my notes together first.

The wines ranged in price from $20-$100, in vintage from 1986 to 2007 and were from Bordeaux, Colorado, Napa Valley and Tuscany. The bottles were wrapped in foil, numbered and tasted blind. In the order of tasting, here are my notes:

Wine 1: Dark purples that lightens at the rim. Aromas of brown sugar, leather, juniper and a hint of dill emanate from the glass. On the palate it is almost meaty, with slight floral flavors complementing blackberries and molasses. Good.

Wine 2: Deep brown sherry like color. Mushrooms, forest floor aromas are present but secondary to the dominant soy sauce scents. It tastes like tofu and bamboo shoots soaked in soy sauce. Definitely a wine past its prime. Average.

Wine 3: Dark garnet. This wine is very aromatic. Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, figs and dried orange peel tease the nose. Unfortunately, this one fails to deliver on the palate. Slightly spicy with old leather flavors fade quickly and this one does not hold up to the steak. Average/Good.

Wine 4: This black/purple inky wine smells of cedar and black fruits. This one is a big, tannic wine that needs more air. It is tight but gives rich blackberry and currant flavors. Good potential, but needs more time to open up. Good.

Wine 5: This is probably the wine with the most finesse of the night. It is a light, clear ruby color. Brown sugar, caramel aromas are complemented by hints of spice and violets. It is very smooth with well-integrated tannins. Red and black raspberry, plums, toffee, a slight spiciness and a hint of sweetness all combine to create complex and interesting flavors on the palate. Very Good/Excellent. It is also my WOTN.

Wine 6: A contrast the previous wine, but almost as good, this wine is an inky dark purple color. The nose is spicy and shows a bit of heat. It tastes big and jammy, though not overly tannic. This is a smooth and simple wine but it is tasty. Good/Very Good.

Wine 7: Another black/purple colored wine. You can smell the oak influence on the nose along with gobs of dark fruit and glycerol. It takes of blackberry jam, black cherry and oak. A nice wine that needs a few more years. Good/Very Good.

Wine 8: This dark red wine smells of dark fruits, cigar and soy sauce. This big, powerful wine is straightforward on the palate and dominated by tar, tobacco and tannin. A bit big/young. Good.

Wine 9: Another complex wine. Dark ruby red color. At first sniff, I got toast with blackberry preserves. Subsequent smells yield pencil shavings and vanilla. A very complex palate shows off black currant, vanilla, bacon fat and soy. Most Bordeaux-like of the night. Very Good.

Wine 10: Dark purplish brown wine that looks like balsamic vinegar. It smells like balsamic (not in a bad way), blackberry maple syrup and spices. It tastes a bit hot with simple spices and a touch of sweetness along with subtle tobacco flavors. Good.

Top wines of the night:
#1: Wine 5
#2: Wine 9
#3: Wine 6 (followed very closely by 7)

Wines unveiled:
Wine 1: = 2007 Reeder Mesa, Land’s End Red, Meritage, Grand Valley, Colorado
Wine 2: = 1986 Chateau Montelena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
Wine 3: = 1998 Heitz, Bella Oaks, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
Wine 4: = 2001 Casanova di Neri, Pietradonice, Sant ‘Antimo DOC, Italy
Wine 5: = 2006 Plum Creek Winery, Grand Mesa, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Grand Valley, Colorado
Wine 6: = 2001 Trefethen, Cabernet Sauvignon, Oak Knoll District
Wine 7: = 2006 StellaGrey, Napa Valley Red Wine
Wine 8: = 2001 St. Clement, Orropas, Napa Valley
Wine 9: = 2003 Chateau Lascombes, Margaux, France
Wine 10: = 1997 Cuvaison, Howell Mountain
'Sorry it's taken me so long to participate; work has been insane. Nice job, Burgundy. I would add:

I agree on the WOTN, the '06 Plum Creek Cab/Merlot - so nice to drink a young wine that's not trying to be a bodybuilder. The toffee/caramel/brown-sugar note was transparent enough not to dominate the wine, and it was simply a pleasure to drink. Clearly outstanding. I would also add that the other Colorado wine (#1, Reeder Mesa Meritage) was also in my top 5-6 wines, and I think I enjoyed it more than Ron Burgundy, as I would label it 'very good,' probably about an 87-8 for those into numbers. I was blown away by how well the CO wines showed.

I personally enjoyed the '01 Trefethen more than the '01 Lascombes, but in the world of 'blind tasting,' the Lascombes (despite being from the '03 vintage) was so different from everything else in the line-up, there was no doubting wine #9 was the Lascombes. It was a welcomed change-of-pace, but on its own, it did not outshine the Trefethen, IMHO.

The '01 Pietradonice, which I brought and decanted almost three hours before it was tasted, showed almost like a young petite sirah, as stated by several tasters. It had improved when we went back to taste it at the end (5+ hours of aeration), but it still wasn't what I'd call 'open.' I'll reserve judgment for now, but as-is, it was not one of my top 5-6 wines.

In the realm of typical, big Napa Cabs, I really enjoyed the '06 StellaGrey. Not my usual speed, but for the type, it's excellent.

I have very little Cab in my collection, so I was grateful for the event and for the chance to meet such wonderful tasting companions. 'Hope to see everyone again soon.

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