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Short notice, but I am going to be in Denver next weekend. August 26-30th-ish. Anyone interested in getting together to taste some wine? I communicated with davec via tasting notes, he sounds interested. The more the merrier, right. Any suggestions on a place davec? Anyone interested in tasting wine next weekend?
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Let me know if anything gets planned for a Denver offline. I might be able to convince my wife to let a few people over to our place if a venue isn't found. We don't have a lot of space but could do 6-8 people.

BTW, the tasting at the Governor's Residence was a great event! Anyone in Denver should look forward to it next year. What a beautiful venue!
Bad news for me. My Denver friend whom I was driving out to see, informed me last night that he has a family resposibility which is taking him away from Denver and to Indiana this weekend. My girlfriend and I have, as a result, called off our plans for driving out to Denver this weekend. Frown We had also talked about Sept 10th w.e. but it sounds like my bud is going to be away then as well.
Originally posted by Sandy Fitzgerald:
If we can get Stickman off talking Ohio State football for just a little bit, maybe we'll see what works for him! Roll Eyes

Big Grin Hey, I was provoked! Tee-hee. I can stop anytime I want... really... see? - here I am. Big Grin

Okay, for me:
5th = right out
6th = I can participate minimally
7th = big performance in the afternoon; I could do something that night
12th = pretty good
13th = I've got a performance with Brandi Carlile; there's been talk about doing something around a symphony concert, but it's died a rapid death a couple times now; maybe this is better, depending on musical tastes
14th = really good for me

Alright? I hope I can participate this time, since I've had to miss a few in the recent past. Smile
I'm seeing Sunday Nov 14th as being the best date possible. With Stickman's approval, let's say it's a go.

Now to the fun stuff! Smile What would we like to do? Davec; Throw us a good suggestion for theme or wines? I'm getting thirsty already!

Maybe a little late grillin with some feisty syrahs/zins, or a bit of multiple tizers with different wines to enjoy! Some one wake up Sacred Cow, it's not tax season, and Dave and Rose.
My potential themes are few. In our cellar we have 2 copies of a mixed case of "cheap" 2000 Bordeaux, and 1 mixed case of moderately cheap, maybe three or four bottles of zin and chardonnay, more merlot and cab franc, even more syrah and petite sirah, and much much more cab.

We know a couple that we could invite, that we are regular drinking buddies with, and he is a huge Bordeaux fan, and they both like zins. They even went to zap.

On the cab front, we've suggested to this couple that we do something like a To Kalon horizontal comparison, but our To Kalons are still all too young. We could also do something like a Mnt Veeder, Spring Mountain, Howell Mountain, or ... horizontal.
Originally posted by Sandy Fitzgerald:
I'll text Stickman and see what he can do. Surprised he hasn't read thread so far.

'Sorry, just distracted by the college football thread. Big Grin Wink I'm pretty sure I can provide a place to meet for a small party - no more than 8 or so. Everyone who's interested can email me at scotteoneil at yahoo, and I can explain the circumstances and particulars. 'Hope y'all are still game.
It's not that we must do Bdx or Cali Cabs, it's just what we have better selections of. Most of our Bdx are budget 2000s, and we have a variety of Cabs. We have a pretty good Syrah selction and do have some Merlot and Petite Sirah, but our selections are much slimmer. We have even less Pinot and Zin, because we don't drink them often and they're not our favorites. We do have some good Zin, Vincent Arroyo, but it's probably good to us because it doesn't taste like Zin.

Let's go with the Bdx/ CA cab theme. Works fine for me. What's everyone thinking about bringing?

Let's plan on around 5 p.m. on the 14th if that all works well with Stickman. Is that too early davec?

Please start putting up a head count so Stickman will know what to plan for. Also please plan on bringing your own stemware. I don't think Stickman can accomodate everyone with glasses.

Looking forward to meeting some new wine lovers with this group!
We'll be home around 4:15, and we live near Parker. Where are we headed to arrive at 5:00? Do we have a price range? We can do: < $50, $50-$100, > $100 (except with Bdx). For Cali Cab, we have valley & mountain vineyards, a couple twenty somethings, some teenagers, and many preteens.

Do we have room for another two? Our friends, at least the husband would like to attend. His wife has a slight drinking problem, she thinks we spend too much time drinking and discussing wine. If they can make it, this would be part of an intervention.
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We will be Downtown Denver. Should be no problem bringing your two guests. If we need to bounce the time t0 5:30-6 that shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise we'll stick to 5 ish and arrive as you can.

Stickman and I are looking at doing this a little different than other Off-Lines. We'll head out and pick up some food together downtown and bring it back in. Bring whatever wine you would like to share. The budget will be moderate in that the pricing will depend upon the food we opt to pick up together.

I'm looking at bringing some 97 CA cabs. Probably a couple, although depending upon what others do, I may bring a nice chard to do as a warm up while everyone arrives. Again, I'll wait and see what others would like to bring.

Stickman is offering us a lot of flexibility downtown, so we can be very creative. Throw out some ideas and wines you would like to bring. We enjoy sharing and experiencing new wines regardless of origin.
For diversity sake, why don't you have your friends bring 1 bottle and you and your wife bring 2. Any left overs you can always take home. Wink

So let's do a quick head count:

Stickman - 2
Sandy - 1
Davec - 4
Ron Burgundy - ?

I might bring a friend depending upon final headcount. Any other Denver, and greater CO wine lovers interested in coming?

Ron: Ringers are always fun, so be creative! We should start throwing up wine possibilites also that we might bring. I looking at 1997 Heitz Trailside Select. Might bring two depending upon final headcount.

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