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Just a couple of suggestions (I hate to point you to another site but...):

1. On mbansek has prepared a couple of really nice write-ups on Denver area restaurants and such. It's in the Travel section I believe if you'd like to go there and do a search. You don't have to register I believe just to read it.

2. You might go to and send mbansek an private message. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to give a current update and answer questions.

My wife saw your request and sent me the following email. She asked that I post this information for you:
Gold Hill Inn, Gold Hill Colorado. It is an old "one road in, one road out" mining town with this being the Inn. The inside is rustic to the core, and the atmosphere is mostly locals with a few "city" folks mixed in. They have a website,, probably. Go west on Mapleton Street from Boulder about 6 miles up a steep and windy road (not bad, really, but an adventure for flatlanders). They are open now Tues through Sun. They put the menu on a chalkboard every night, and you get to chose your entrée, soup or salad, etc. They really do a fabulous job with the tournado, and their fresh fish entrees are yummy. Lamb dishes are popular. No credit cards accepted. LOTS of food, so go easy on the bread they bring out. That's hard to do, though, its so warm and fresh. OK, now I'm hungry!
My family ate here about two years ago, and had a great meal. They have a dessert that is to die for. It is like a chocolate cake sandwich with a mint mousse. However, it is not always on the menu.
The wine list is OK at best, not alot of wine geeks in Gold Hill.
They were written up in either Gourmet or Bon Apetit a year ago in an article featuring places to go off the beaten track. You could probably google the article. It featured a few of the chef's dishes.
I have family members that live out there, and my sister inlaw and brother are in the house band at The Inn. They will be playing on May 26.
Let us know if you decide to go!

If you have any followup questions for her she will answer if you post on Winodepot or could relay info through me here.

thanks to everyone.
We had a fantastic time. Boulder is a wonderful city. I think I may see if they have a law school that needs a teacher next summer.
This part of the country is so clean and the people so nice, it is just totally different than here.
We went hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park and though it was June and almost 80 degrees, we were hiking on snow covered paths to partially frozen lakes. (Did about 5 miles the first day and 12 the next). Stayed at a remote B&B near the park and watched the elk walk past the room.
We had a superior lunch at a place called the Baldpate Inn, which was just "soup and salad" but the soup was buffalo stew and the salad delicious. Had a dinner at a French place called La Chaumiere, located about 7 miles south of Estes Park on Route 36. The place is owned by some people from Elkton, MD, and one of their specialties is Maryland Crab soup, which was ok, but I had a nice pate and a very taste mallard duck breast.

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