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I havn't tried a Krug blanc de blanc yet, but here's the WS review:
A tightly wound thoroughbred, with complex nut and biscuit notes playing off a floral freshness. Driving it all is a racy acidity matched by a seamless *elegance* and innate power that lingers through the persistent ginger-tinged finish. Will age beautifully. Drink now through 2008. 1,200 cases made. (BS)
I must disagree with Board-o on this. I feel Krug to be damn fine. Everytime I've drunk it, it has surprised me with it's elegance and complexity. I've never found it to be dull and I've had several vintages. The Clos du Mesnil is a more robust wine than the standard vintage and non vintage breeds and can cellar extremely well.
But hey just my opinion.
I'll pick a red over a white 95% of the time. Would you expect different from a Tannin Pig? BUT, I do love Champagne, and am nuts about the full-bodied, heavy style of Krug. The Clos du Mesnil is fabulous stuff, and much harder to find than Margaux. Comparing for pure hedonistic pleasure is tough: apples and oranges. But I'd probably go with the Krug simply for rarity. I like Champagne with a little age on it, and would estimate the '88 Clos du Mesnil at about 5 years from peak.
1988 Krug Clos du Mesnil has just been released. I didn't try it, but considering in addition the quite severe character of the vintage by itself, I really would not BEGIN considering to uncorck this bottle before 5 more years.

I'd also consider that if Krug decided to postpone the 1988 release to the 1989, this choice should represent a clear indication in this sense: this wine needs -asks, wants, cries- for long time cellaring.

Clos du Mesnil is an impressive and umparalleled bottling. I have the impression that if you opened now a bottle of 1988, you'd be invested by such crude smells of pure bread yeasts that you'd wonder how long can this go.

I'd personally go, today, for a 1982, or if I really hadn't any better mature bottle, a 1985, but with a quite stinging sense of frustration: still a bit too young.

Obviously, I'm a fan of well "grown up" wines, I uncorck only in the strict range around the top of the hill, do consider this in pondering my opinion.

Best regards to everyone

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