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Originally posted by Chilepepper:
redknife, you certainly know how to eat well!

Chile I try when I can. Smile

I have been off for a few days and I've got to tell you I've had some good meals (including the S. Fl off-line). But it will all end this wednesday. Frown

Hopefully will share a meal together in the near future when you come down to Miami.
New Year's Eve (Homemade Smile) dinner with friends:

Assorted cheeses and pates

Smoked salmon with caviar

Sliced Duck breast with orange dressing on endive

Arugula and pear salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Pork tenderloin with a pomegranate+ Pinot Noir reduction with a side of mashed butternut squash

Strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar with mascarpone

12 grapes at midnight

Happy 2008!
At our annual dinner party:

Menu New Year’s Eve 2007

Spring Mix Salad with Champagne
Vinaigrette Dressing accompanied by
Smoked Salmon Rolls with Capers and Dill
Goat Cheese / Mascarpone Cheese
Mirepoix in Santa Rosa, CA
2004 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee Sparkling Wine

Kay’s French Onion Soup
Kay Wad’s Kitchen in Memphis, TN
2004 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee Sparkling Wine

Spoon of Risotto Cakes & Pancetta
Michael Mina in San Francisco, CA
2005 Holdredge – Mazie Rose Pinot

Beef Tenderloin with Port Sauce accompanied by mustard roasted potatoes, black eyed peas
& yorkshire pudding
Cyrus in Healdsburg, CA
2005 Walter Hansel South Slope Pinot

Bett’s Caramel Cake
Ellen’s Kitchen in Germantown, TN
N.V. Trevor Jones – Jonesy Old Tawny Port

2005 Majella Shiraz Sparkling Wine

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