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2013 No Girls Tempranillo. The first one I opened a few years ago was weird in a weird way. So far, this bottle is weird in a good way. Based on a relatively small sample size, it seems Cristophe Baron’s goal might be to fool blind tasters into thinking every wine he makes is a ripe, minerally southern Rhône. Liking it though - will try and post a TN later.

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2005 Massolino, Barolo, Margheria

2001 Cavallotto, Barolo, Bricco Boschis

2006 Fornacina, BdM

Of the two Barolos the Cavallotto was definitely the superior wine. Excellent juice. The Massolino was quite tannic and I got the feeling the fruit is losing the battle

The Fornacina was outstanding. No rush as the last glass was the best. I'll hold my other bottle for a few years.

2005 R Ussiglio CdP...a bit hot out of the gate but settled into a pretty damn good wine in the end.

2005 Emilio Moro RdD...somewhat mature, fairly fruit forward if missing a bit of back bone....nice bottle.

2016 Ruffino Modus, I bought a case of this for $9.97/btl at closeout at Costco.  Its only drinking maybe a notch or two above that price point, but good to wash pizza down with.

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