December 2018: What's for Dinner?

billhike posted:

A simple version of a cassoulet in the Le Creuset using bacon sausage and chicken thighs. It was much tastier than the one several of us had at our offline earlier this week. 

Next Chicago offline: cassoulet at Casa Billhike! 

Last night, beef bourguignon in the Instant Pot for the first time. Having made this dish the traditional way (though not with Julia‚Äôs marathon recipe) I can say the Intant Pot achieves about 95% of the same result with about 10% of the effort. 

Dinner for my wife and me tonight is scrambled eggs with a few bits of Cambozola thrown in to make them a bit creamier, and a thin sliced scallion for a bit more flavour.  And I'm very excited that all of this is just the base for a 1.5 oz white Alba truffle that I picked up this morning. We'll have a 2007 Vietti Barbaresco Masseria with it. I have been smelling the truffle-- which is wrapped in paper towel, then bubble wrap, then a small freezer bag, then a sealed cardboard box, and still exudes aroma-- since I brought it home. It seems to be even more aromatic than what I bought last year from the same company, so I'm totally stoked, not to mention salivating.

Monday, for NYE we're going to a friend's home where 3 couples are each contributing courses for the dinner, of which the main will be lobster and crab boil. I'm doing an appetizer, for which tonight is a practice session: scrambled eggs like tonight's, but the truffle is a 2.5 oz black Perigord, so not as aromatic but more forgiving and quite a bit less expensive. I'm thinking a Brunello.

If anybody is interested, the company I buy from Is Mikuni Wild Harvest; they deliver a lot of product to the USA. Lots of condiments and caviars in their inventory as well. I have no connection to them other than being a very satisfied customer. I think their customer service is extremely good, and their prices seem fair for these kinds of products.

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