2 x 2016 Vieille Julienne CdP Les Hauts Lieux

2 x 2016 Vieille Julienne CdP Les Trois Sources

Pretty excited for these!

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2015 Raúl Pérez Vizcaína Rapolao Bierzo

2015 Raúl Pérez Vizcaína la del vivo Lomas de Valtuille 

futronic posted:

Glad to see you're buying more Raul Perez, mim. I've done the same. The white del Vivo is special ... 

Thanks bud. What a coincidence you had after the dinner with Steve8. I’ll post notes once I open one up

The result of three days of weakness:

2014 Telmo Rodriguez Lanzaga Las Beatas

2016 Terroir al Limit Historic Negre

2016 Mesquida Mora Sotil Negre

2011 Bodegas Ladeiras Do Xil As Caborcas

2015 Raul Perez La Vizcaina El Rapaloa

2013 Comando G Las Umbrias

2014 Marguet Shaman Rose

Bereche Reflet D'Antan

Larmandier-Bernier Longitude Blanc de Blancs

H. Billiot Cuvee Laetitia

Jerome Prevost Les Beguines LC15


Shavez - nicely done! 

For me, 3 X 1996 François Gaunoux Pommard 1er Cru Les Grands Épenots. 



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Il carbonaione Scalette Poggio 2014 

2017 El Castro de Valtuille Mencia (Raúl Pérez) stunning value 


2x 2011 Elio Sandri Barolo Riserva Perno

1997 Elio Grasso Barolo Ginestra

1968 Marchese di Barolo Barolo

2014 G Mascarello Barolo Perno

2x 2017 G. Rinaldi Dolcetto D'Alba

2x 2017 G. Rinaldi Barbera D'Alba

2016 G. Conterno Barbera D'Alba Vigna Francia

2016 G. Conterno Barbera D'Alba Vigna Cerreta

2014 Azelia Barolo San Rocco

2009 Azelia Barolo Riserva Bricco Voghera

Bartolo Mascarello Barolo Chinato ( if i remember correctly from Guilo's old recipe, only couple hundred made a year by some friends of the winery)

sunnylea57 posted:

A whole lot of fine Piedmontese vino, there, A. Nicely done.

Spent a decent part of our honeymoon there recently, wish we could've brought back more!

1995 Tondonia gran reserva rioja red

2005 La Poulousa Raúl Perez Bierzo Vizcaina red

2005 La del vivo Raul Pérez Bierzo white

2005 La Vitoriana Raúl Pérez vizcaina red

2014 Il Carbonaione Poggio Scalette @34$Cad.

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I may just be letting paranoia get the best of me, but has anyone received their 2016 Thomas Pinot Noir purchases from John?  I feel like those babies are usually chilling in my cellar before Christmas.  Definitely cashed my check...  Also, the phone number that I have for him is disconnected.  Bad sign?

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