December 2012: What are you drinking?

Over the past couple weeks in Argentina:


NV Bodega Norton Norton Extra Brut
2010 Bodega El Esteco Torrontes Don David
2011 Colome Torrontes Estate

2010 Luigi Bosca Malbec Reserva
2010 Passionate Wine Montesco Parral
2008 Catena Zapata Cabernet Franc Angelica Zapata Alta
2007 Bodega del Fin del Mundo Malbec Single Vineyard
2009 Clos de los Siete
2009 Melipal Blend (Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot)
2010 Escorihuela Gascon Malbec
2009 Tempus Alba Malbec
2009 Alma Negra Malbec Animal
2010 Colome Malbec Estate
2009 Bodega Vina 1924 De Angeles Malbec
2008 Alta Vista Malbec Terroir Selection
2009 Atamisque Malbec



2012 Humberto Canale Riesling Old Vineyard La Morita
2011 Passionate Wine Montesco Agua de Roca Sauvignon Blanc
2010 Passionate Wine Montesco Unfiltered Torrontes (orange wine)
2009 Urraca Malbec
2006 Urraca Primera Reserva (Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc)
2008 Bodega Vina 1924 De Angeles Malbec Gran Malbec


2011 Malbec
2010 Quimera
2012 Quimera (barrel)
2012 Malbec Finca Altamira (barrel)
2012 Malbec Finca Bella Vista (barrel)
2011 Dolce (appassimento method Malbec, tiny production - think Recioto della Valpolicella)


2010 Malbec
2010 Malbec Reserva

Catena Zapata

2010 Catena Alta Chardonnay
2009 Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Catena Alta Malbec
2006 Angelica Zapata Cabernet Franc Alta
2009 Angelica Zapata Cabernet Sauvignon Alta
2008 Angelica Zapata Malbec Alta

Note that the Catena Alta line is for export, and the Angelica Zapata Alta line is for their domestic market. They are not the same wine, and I find the Angelica Zapata Alta wines to have lower alcohol and more balance. The reason behind the difference is based on the palate of people in Argentina and their food. Disappointing, really, because I liked the Angelica Zapata Alta line better.


2012 Semillon
2011 Malbec
2012 Malbec (barrel sample, unknown what wine it will go into yet)
2011 Unus
2010 Malbec Finca Remota

Vina Cobos

2011 Felino Chardonnay
2011 Bramare Chardonnay Marchiori Vineyard, Lujan de Cuyo
2011 Felino Malbec
2010 Bramare Malbec Uco Valley
2010 Bramare Malbec Lujan de Cuyo
2010 Bramare Malbec Rebon Vineyard, Uco Valley
2009 Bramare Malbec Marchiori Vineyard, Lujan de Cuyo

Alta Vista:

2012 Premium Torrontes
2011 Premium Bondara
2009 Malbec Single Vineyard Alizarine, Lujan de Cuyo
2009 Malbec Single Vineyard Temis, Uco Valley
2007 Alto

If people want comments on specific wines or wineries, let me know. I will say, however, that small production wines that are generally geared toward the domestic market and often wines from Uco Valley at a decent elevation tend to be more balanced, elegant, and have a lower alcohol content. I wish it were possible to get more of these wines here at home.
It would probably be a good time to revive that, wouldn't it?

I could probably put some rough notes up at some point, but it depends on how things are back at the office this week.

For interesting things, I really liked the Humberto Canale Riesling (from Patagonia - I didn't even know that they grew Riesling in Argentina), everything from Passionate Wine - especially the Parral, and 2006 Catena Zapata Cabernet Franc Angelica Zapata Alta. Oh, and the Achaval-Ferrer Dolce was delicious too.
Went to a Burgundy tasting today...good Lord, what a tasting! Nothing new to report to those who follow Burgundy, but this was my first chance to try 100+ Burgundies in one setting and compare one to another amongst its peers.

To generalize, the '08s were drinking well, though not for the purists. The '09s had terrific balance and were the most well-rounded of the bunch. The '10s had nice fruit, but were also a bit more acidic than their '09 counterparts. I'd buy '09s before the '10s and '10s before the '08s...unless we are talking about Bernstein. The '10s from Bernstein were absolutely incredible and outshone all others this day- all had a lovely floral quality and elegance about them, but at $300+ per bottle, they had better be nice. I took very brief notes, which I will write up and post this week.
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Dinner at Scaramouche tonight:

2002 Marquis d'Angerville Volnay Champans with Steak Tartare

2002 Etude Cabernet Sauvignon with venison and beef filet

Sounds like a good dinner! How was the Volnay?

I would say not quite as good as it could/will be. Lots of oak, tannin and cranberry, but probably needs to be left in the cellar for another few years.
At the Nashville Offline with many others:

Philipponnat Brut Rose Reserve (Magnum)
2010 Novellum Chardonnay Languedoc-Roussillon
2008 Georges Vernay Condrieu Coteaux du Vernon
2004 Chapoutier Chapoutier Les Granitz, St Joseph
2007 Chapoutier Ermitage Le Meal blanc
1980 Leroy Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru les Peuillets
1978 Haut Brion, Graves
2005 Rayas Chateau Fonsallete Cuvee Syrah
2003 Ogier Cote-Rosie, Reserve di Domaine
2006 Bernard Burgaud Cote-Rotie
2003 Domaine Grand Veneur Chateauneuf-du-Pape Les Origines
2004 Vieux Chateau Certan
2006 Cos d'Estounel, St Estephe
2007 L'Eglise Clinet
2010 Stefania Haut Tubee
2010 Stefania Nueva Casa de los Padres
2009 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Chaine d' Or Vineyard
1986 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

WOTN was probably the D'Yquem
2001 Cliff Lede Stags Leap District Cabernet -- between OK and good. My last bottle and not as good as previous bottles, so I'd say drink up

2000 Bernard Chave Hermitage -- The best of the 3 bottles I've had this year. Great nose of a plum, some bacon fat, and whispers of coffee and floral elements.
Very well thanks for asking. Our Champagne tasting coming soon.

2002 Piper Heidsick Brut Cuvee Rare
2002 Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Pérignon
2002 Taittinger Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne
2002 Ruinart Champagne Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs
2002 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut
2002 Vilmart & Cie Champagne Coeur de Cuvée
1998 Krug Champagne Brut
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1984 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill

Ah, my birth did it show?

I wish I could say the same.
Popped and poured after a corked 1997 BDM. Mad

Initially, I thought it had totally dried up. But with an hour+ of air, there is beautiful fruit, an interesting cedar nose, and smooth finish. I enjoy a touch more structure than this wine showed.
It was extremely enjoyable - drink up.

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