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About time someone started this thread...

So far, a bunch of everyday wines cause we all know Dec. is a busy month;

1X Carmen Chardonnay Reserve 2001 @ 14.95
1X Diamond Ridge Monterey Chardonnay 2001 @ 14.95
1X Chateau Des Charmes Brut @ 19.95
1X Diamond Ridge Napa Valley Merlot 2000 @ 16.95
6X Catena Zapata Mendoza Cab Sauv 2001 @ 22.95
6X Farina Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso
2000 @ 13.95.
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2001 t Laurent Bastide Hhodare
2001 Lesac CDR Les Beaumes
2010 perillere CDR Villages
2001 T Laurent CDR Guy Loius
2000 Rouanne CDRV Vinsobres
2000 Segla Margaux
2002 Nobilo SB Icon
2002 Neil Ellis SB
2001 Falesco
2001 castano Hecula
2002 Woop Woop Shiraz
2001 Montes Alpha Chard
18 01 Castle Napa Cab
6 01 Castle Rock Caneros Pinot
6 02 d'Arenberg Laughing Magpie
3 01 Dead Arm
2 01 Paloma
6 01 Stump Jump Red
4 03 Holly's Blend
2 01 R. Foley Claret
2 02 The Prisoner
3 00 Clos du Marquis
6 01 Neal Cab
24 00 Pavillon Rouge
24 00 Cos d'Estournel
5 00 Prierie Lichine
4 01 Prum WS Spatlese
1 01 Prum WS Kabinett
12 01 Segries Clos L'Hermitage
5 00 Pesquie Quintesance
6 02 Paringa Shiraz
and this morning
4 01 Hecula
4 02 The Victor
4 01 Fox Creek GSM

Why did I build that cellar?
I hate myself . . . .

Veni, Vidi, Biberi . . . .
2002 Shirvington Shiraz ($64)
2002 Clarendon Hills OV Grenache Romas ($70)
1994 Leoville Barton $31
1999 Reserve de la Comtesse $20
2001 Los Altos de la Hoya - Jumilla DO $9 - monastrell
2002 Henry's Drive Reserve Shiraz $45
1994 Dow's Vintage Port $70
2000 Alvear PX $16
NV RL Buller Rare Calliope Muscat $55
2002 Torbrecks Woodcutters Red $16
2001 RBJ Vox Populi red Table Wine $11
1997 Taylor Fladgate VP $65

Welcome to Massachusetts - Be Fabulous and Say "I Do"
Not much lately; although, I do attend tastings and fortunately a lot are happening at this time of year.

I'm very fond of rieslings. I suppose I'll be shopping around for some within the next couple of weeks for Christmas.

Also, I don't know much about red wines. From time to time I purchase red table wines and some have been ok.

I like the Coppola red table wine. I haven't tried any his better wines yet, but I hope to soon.

However, I have sampled a couple of fancier wines from Chateauneuf du Pape. I really like the color and the aroma. The taste is very nice, soft and sensual. Also, I am intrigued by its history.
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In my own auction, I have to admit, I bought some wonderful wines. What I tasted so far.

- Haut-Condissas 1997. Not the miracle of the century, but the first time I tasted it. Nice.

- Chardonnay Beerenauslese 2001 from Neusiedlersee.
(Weingut Weiss, Apetlon). Delicious, and not as heavy in alcohol as a Sauternes.

- Ch. Grand-Renouil, Canon-Fronsac, 1995. Great wine, value for money and all that.

- Weissburgunder Trocken, 2001 (Weingut Sander, Mettenheim Rheinhesen). It looked cheap, without even a capsule. But it's a very rich pinot blanc. In an Alsatian style. Nice. And I only spent 2 euro plus costs...

- Domaine Bismarck Cuvée Vanessa 2000.
Sounds like a side show, but it's perectly made of zweigelt, blaufränkisch and cabernet sauvignon (oak fermented). A very fine Austrian red wine.
I really love Austrian red wines. They are so pure and sainly made...

Bought some 1996 vintage Fonseca, have to taste that yet. Guess I don't have to be in a hurry.
'01 Monte Rosso zin
'01 St. Peter's Church zin
'01 Harris Kratka zin
'01 Pickett's Road Petite Sirah
'01 Holbrook Mitchell Trio meritage
'00 Holbrook Mitchell Trio meritage

Don't read a lot about Rosenblum on this forum, but if you haven't tried their zins, syrahs and (more recently) their petites and meritage, you're really missing something special in '00 & '01.

Let's roll...
I have put the brakes on and hid the Amex for December as Nov was very expensive for me as I bought approx 6-7 cases of assorted wines.

The only fairly expensive purchases for December so far are 6 x 1998 Bosquet des Papes CDP ($49.00 CDN) and a few 2000 Beaucastel CDP mags ($135 CDN). Hopefully nothing else will be of interest for the remainder of the year.

I will be buying holiday/party/gift wines to be consumed by and/or given to friends/family which include 2000 Diamond Creek Merlot ($16 CDN), 2001 J&F Lurton Malbec (#13 CDN), 2001 Von Kesselstatt Riesling Kabinett ($22.00 CDN) and Seaview Brut ($10.00 CDN).

Christmas presents for the kids or wine...... hmmmmm
1 Chateau La Nerthe CDP 1999 $115
6 Poggio Antico Brunello Riserva $115
3 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Brunate 1999 $224
3 Castello Banfi Poggio All'Oro Riserva 1995 $107
3 Catena Zapata Cab Mendoza Alta Zapata 1999 $54
3 Esmeralda Malbe Mendoza Alta Angelica 1999 $59
6 Lamaione 1998 $65
3 Penfold's St. Henri Shiraz 1999 $46.95
3 Chateau de Beaucastel CDP 2000 $65.95
3 Penfold's Bin 389 2000 $38.95
wineguyinto: $38.95 seems a little pricey for Penfolds Bin 389. It's available here for about $20. Confused

Last night, I went kinda mad at CostCo and the neighboring World Market

12x Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin @ $29.99
3x Murphy Goode Cab '01 @$18.99 (a favorite of Mrs. Juggernt)
3x Duhart-Milon '00 @ $27.00
3x Domaine Rothschild Pauillac @ $17.99
5x Mulderbosch SB '03 @ $14.99(!!!)
1x Bogle Old Vines Zin '01 @ $9
1x Coppola Rosso @ $7

and no doubt something I've forgotten about
wineguy: geez, that's one hell of a haul. You won't be disappointed with either the '97 Poggio Antico Riserva or the '95 Banfi Poggio All'Oro. Hold the Poggio Antico for 6-7 years before opening, and another 5 for the Banfi. I only say 6-7 for the Poggio since you've got a half case and can burn one at the beginning of the maturity curve to get a feel for it.

Also ... *you* were the one that picked up the Catena Alta Malbec, eh? Stewart was trying to point some out to me, but someone swiped what was on the floor at Summerhill. lol.

juggernt: Those prices are CAD, so the Bin 389 works out to about $30USD.

Not me buddy, all I got from Summerhill was the Poggio All' Oro, the Voerzio, and a Nerthe (I had two, but I like to buy in three's so I topped up). I picked up the rest in Maple. I was offered the opportunity to sample the Antico about two weeks ago and it was awesome. The bottle had been open about an hour maybe a bit more, and it was seriously closed yet ultra seductive. I agree with your drinking window and maybe when that window opens, you'd care to climb in and quaff some with me? Cheers...
Originally posted by drthvader:
hey, futronic i have been eyeing the giacomo barolo. Have you had this before.? Cool

Yes I have. It was young when I tasted it at the Classics tasting in September, but it was a delicious, traditional Barolo. My notes:

Garnet red to orange rim. Pretty nose, very traditional, with tar, roses, earth, red berries. Medium-full bodied with cherries, very present tannin and an earthiness to the wine. Dry, lingering finish with cherries and rose petals. Very tasty. Needs time for tannins to integrate. Hold until 2008+. 91 points. (09/29/2003).
6 x 2001 Paloma Merlot @ $45 (Probably gone now, it's been over a week)
2 x 2001 Corte Riva Merlot @ $39
4 x 2002 Siduri PN Sonoma County @ $20
4 x 2002 Siduri PN Sonoma Coast @ $26
4 x 2002 Siduri PN Central Coast @ $23
1 x 2002 Siduri PN Keefer @ $50
1 x 2002 Siduri PN Clos Pepe @ $50
1 x 2002 Siduri PN Santa Lucia Highlands @ $32

"I've gotta be honest with you, guys. I need more cowbell."
Its great to see so many OZ wines listed.
I live in Sydney, and basically just buy Australian Reds, from Barossa, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and Margaret River. The last two never get a mention because they are mainly Cabernet areas (our two best) and Shiraz is all the rage, thanks to Mr Parker. I happen to have a similar liking for big aussie shiraz, and have some older ones that Mr. Parker would love. Its great, nobody has heard of them, and they have not increased in value, and I feel better drinking them! If anyone is after an odd bottle of high score Parker wines over the past 4 years, email me.

Ive been buying recently

01 Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz
02 Shirvington Shiraz
02 Shirvington Cabernet
02 Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz
01 Chapel Hill Vicar Shiraz/Cab
01 Rosemount Traditional Cab blend
02 Two Hands Bellas Garden
02 Two Hands Lilys Garden
02 Kaesler Stonehorse Shiraz
02 Scarpantoni Cabernet McLaren Vale
02 Mitolo GAM plus others.
Russian River Wine Co - Healsburg, Ca
1x NV JC Cellars Cuvee Gaillard ($40.50)

The Wine Shop - Healdsburg, Ca
2x 1999 Fattoria Di Felsina Chianti Classico Berardenga Riserva ($41.50)
1x 2001 Albini Family Vineyards Russian River Valley Merlot ($30)

The Root Cellar - Healdsburg, Ca
2x 2000 Chateau Lascombes Margaux($48.00)
2x 1996 Cordero Di Montezemolo Barolo Monfalletto ($50)

Martinelli Winery - Windsor, Ca
2x 2001 Martinelli Pinot Noir Reserve ($40.00)
3x375ml NV Osborne Pedro Ximenez 1827 @$13.49
3x375ml NV Buller Fine Muscat @$11.49 W.A.94
3x375ml NV Buller Fine Tokay @$11.49 W.A.92
3x375ml NV Chambers Muscat @$11.99 W.A. 95

12x750ml Las Rocas de San Alejandro Garnacha
@$7.99 R.P.91 pts.

Just some Christmas gifts to myself. My first foray into the Aussie world of "stickies", should be fun.

"...soon they'll be bleary eyed under a keg of wine, Down where the drunkards roll." Richard Thompson.
I typically buy wine for the holidays and stuff wineries only sell to their club members for the holidays. 3 bottles niebaum coppola rutherford cabernet franc 2001. 3bottles justin reserve cabernet paso robles 2001. 2bottles justin justification 2001. 3 bottles domaine du pegau chateaunuefdupape2001.2 bottles hugel jubilee gewurtztraminer 2001. 2 bottles mayacamas napa valley savignon blanc 2001.1 bottle arrowood sonoma cabernet savignon 1999. cheers.

The Uvas Valley is where Stef and I want to put our vineyard. There hasn't been a winery there for 30+ years. The Bonesio's was the last one. (Uvas is Spanish for grape by the way, the missionaries named the valley in the 1770's because of all the wild grapes.)

It's at 800-1200 feet in the Santa Cruz Mountains, on mixed clay and gravel, about 2900 degree days, on rolling foothills. A lot like Spring Mountain in Napa.

I've looked for a bottle of this for years. When I was a kid my dad took me fishing in the lakes in the valley, and as a teenager I would go on 20-30 mile bike rides there. Uvas Canyon is still my favorite place to hike.

It will make a nice link to the past for us.

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart
Had to fill a few holes appearing in my "everyday" bins...

36 - '02 Norton Malbec @ 6.99
24 - '01 Castle Rock Cab $8.98
16 - '01 Hanna Cab Sonoma $20.99 (ouch)
12 - '01 Alexander Valley Cab @ 14.99
12 - '02 Marquis Phillips S2, $23.99
12 - '02 Castle Rock Pinot Noir, $7.98
12 - '01 Rancho Zabacho Dancing Bull Zin, $6.99
12 - '99 Ridge Cab, $19.99
12 - ’00 Chateau Malescasse, $19.99
12 – ’01 FranzKarl Schmidt Spatlese
12 – ’02 Paringa Shiraz, $7.98
12 - '00 Ch. Malescasse Bordeaux $19.99
4 - '02 Greg Norman Sparkling, $11.99
2 - '02 Thorn Clarke Shotfire Ridge Barossa Cuvee $14.99

kumazam : tribe fan a "few" holes...?

A few empty bins along the "daily wall" I set up a while back to simplify selection for the Ms.

Also making room to stockpile on the 2001s. Avoided the 2000 cabs altogether and am just about out of the Aussies that have kept us going for the past six months.

BTW - where can one acquire additional Thorn Clarke in NJ (or anywhere for that matter ?) I felt fortunate to grab two bottles, but would prefer two cases based on the reviews I've seen here !

Still hoping to grab some Castano Solanera as well....
I've been going a bit crazy lately

6 x 02 Ken Wright PN (Canary, Carter, & Nysa)
1 x 01 Harlen
2 x 92 Beringer PR
3 x 01 Neal Family CS
1 x 97 Domaine Rapel Corton Charlemagne
1 x 98 Gros Richebourg
1 x 90 Jayer-Gilles Echezeaux
3 x 01 Sine Qua Non #6 PN
2 x 00 Chave Hermitage
2 x 00 Shafer Relentless
1 x 00 Sine Qua Non In Flagrante
12 x 98 Chateau Pavie

You bet your sweet #@% I'm a woman.
Originally posted by oakville_al:
futronic, May the force be with you!

The force failed me. I walked out of Summerhill with the following:

(1) 2001 Elderton Shiraz @ $30CAD
(1) 1997 Borgogno Barolo Riserva @ $68CAD
(1) 2000 Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta Barbera d'Asti Superiore Sant'Emiliano @ $30CAD
(4) 2001 Antonin Rodet Syrah @ $12CAD
(2) 2001 Tasca d'Almerita Regaleali Rosso @ $16CAD
(2) 1998 Bosquet des Papes CdP @ $49CAD
(1) 1999 Fontanafredda Barbaresco Coste Rubin @ $41CAD
(1) 1997 Mauro Veglio Barolo Castelletto @ $89CAD

My wallet hurts ...

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