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Good question, Ronaldo--

Common sense tells me that a young red requires oxygenation as you describe, and all I can say is that chemical reactions usually happen faster at higher temperatures. So, if you are looking to bring your wine around in time for dinner, a decanting at a higher temperature would probably work better.

I'm very interested in the opinions of others on this issue.
Keep it in the cellar!

I put mine in the fridge for about 10-20 minutes and let it come up to temperature on the table.
My house right now with the A/C going will be at around 76oF, so it takes another 20-30min to get to drinking temp.



I take the wine out of my cellar at around 58-60.
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Originally posted by Golf&Zin Nut:
I think it would depend on how you like to drink it.

I agree. I like my reds a little on the cool side, so generally when I decant them, I leave them in the cellar to open up. Of course, I recognize that this will take longer with the cool temps, so I do this a little earlier than I might if I was to decant at room temp.
Oxygen dissolved more readily into wine at lower temperatures, so you'll get more oxygen into the wine at lower temps.

When the temperature rises, the reactions between oxygen and the reactive constitutents of wine should become faster.

However, I seriously doubt one would notice any difference between two identical wines where one is decanted at cellar temp and the other at room temp.

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