Hi all,

Im hosting a small wine tasting for a few friends, some more into wine than others and have a few questions regarding some of the wines.

The wines served are only Chilean since that is the topic:

Von Siebenthal
-Carabantes 2007
-Montelig 2005
-Tatay de Cristobal 2007

Concha y Toro
-Don Melchor 2007

BPdR Concha y Toro
-Almaviva 2009

Which wines would you decant and for how long? Having some challenges regarding temperature due to location and lack of cellar and winefridges, what is the optimum any easy way of keeping them cool without ruining the wine to be able to serve them at the right temperature.


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Don't worry so much about the temperature. If you need to, you can always stick the decanter in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes.

As far as decanting, I guess if I were decanting things, I'd decant all or none. I don't know all of the wines but I know some of them and most of these are pretty young and pretty big.

If you don't have enough decanters, you can pour them into pots or jars or whatever for a time then pour back into the bottles.
Thanks Greg,

due to the tasting dragging out a bit because of various reasons the Almaviva '09, Montelig '05 and Tatay '07 were decanted for 2-3 hours and im not sure if that was the reason but the Montelig was the clear wotn with the Almaviva imo close behind. The Tatay was also excellent but price taken into comparison not worth it.

Tasted the Almaviva with no decanting about a month earlier and could hardly recognise it now. It was stunning and so was the more inexpensive Montelig (40-50$), it is a must try and if I had easy access to it id be a very happy man Woot

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