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Addy Bassin's MacArthur Blvd Liquors

Calvert Woodley

It's been a while since I was last in the area, but I can't recall any particularly good wine stores on the south side of the Potomac. Bassin's is a favorite and also sells quite a few Cal Cab futures. DC prices are middling, I find VA prices high.

bon chance

When you get near home, ya gotta slide!

VA has Costco, but that is the extent of the reasonable wine shopping, I have found. (Jaimetown has ties to a store in VA that sounds phenominal, but to which I have not been).

In DC proper: Calvert Woodley has the best Rhone and Bordeaux selection. McArthurs has the best Italian selection. Schneider's (I used to have ties here) has the best Australian and Spanish selection -- also the deepest cellar (it takes 24 hours notice to pull out their $200+ wines, however). Circle has weird, hard-to-find wines sitting on the shelf that just jolt me when I see them -- eg. Dal Forno, Rochioli, Chapoutier La Mordoree.

Circle is on Connecticut near the DC/Chevy Chase, MD border. Calvert Woodley is on Connecticut about 2 miles into DC from MD -- near the Van Ness Metro stop on the red line. McArthurs is tucked away in Georgetown near the University, and Schneider's in on Capitol Hill at 3rd and Mass, Northeast.

hope some of this info helps!

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