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On our way back to Jacksonville from seeing the California Redwoods, with the walk through Stout Grove being the highlight, we decided to stop at Foris. Years ago, a friend in Oregon had sent me a bottle of their Pinot Noir Port which I liked. Unfortunately for the winery, at least from a visiting standpoint, it is located in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure the tasting room receives relatively few visitors due to its remoteness. The wines:

2000 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay $11 Nose of kiwi and minimal oak. Nice and simple. 87

2002 Grenache $10 Nose of citrus and gym socks. Banana and berry flavors. light. 85

2001 Pinot Gris $13.50 Nose closed. Pear flavors. 86

2001 Pinot Blanc $13.50 Citrus nose. Some depth. 86

2001 Gewurtztraminer $13.50 Nose of spice and peach. A little rough. 85

1999 Gewurtztraminer Virtually identical to the 2001

2001 Early Muscat $9 Intense nose and flavor of peaches. 87

2000 Pinot Noir $16.50 Berry nose. Light. 83

1998 Berry Ranch Pinot Noir $30 Nose of dark fruit with ripe dark cherry flavors. 88

1998 Rogue Valley Merlot $18 Nose of cedar. Tannic. 86

1999 Fly Over Red $13.50 A blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot,, and Cab Franc. Milk bottle nose. Plummy. 87

1999 Rogue Reserve Blend $30 Shellac and plums on the nose. Complex. 88

2000 Rogue Reserve Cabernet Franc $20 Nose of dark fruit. Complex. 89

1997 Klipsun $30 This is a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Nose of leather and fennel. Rich. 89

1995 Ruby Port $16 Made from Pinot Noir. Balanced. Medium weight. 89

1995 Early Muscat Late Harvest $6.25/375 Nose of peaches and cirtus. Fruity. 90

General impressions: I was impressedwith this winery for several reasons. Their broad range of wines was exceptional in its bredth compared to anything else we found in Oregon, or Washington for that matter. The wines were mostly very good and very modestly priced, making this an outstanding QPR winery.

Just one more sip.
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Smile Wow, another surprise. You must make better time than I do to have fit this in.

I've written a lot about Foris (search), which was my own little cult wine when I naively started collecting/cellaring. I haven't been since '94, but loved the location, atmosphere, & lack of crowd.

Have you seen this?:
I have a bear-shaped gold nugget of about 1/4 oz. that my Dad bought in Medford, reportedly from Althouse Creek near the former town of Browntown, near there.

Did you make it to Oregon Caves? Bridgeview, Bear Creek Vineyards? Try any Griffin Creek?

I've had the Ruby a few times & just happen to have a 750ml of it on my odds & ends shelf (next to the '94 & '95 Whidbey's Ports, a Honeywood Blackberry, a Harry & David Pear & an old Croatian White Zin. Roll Eyes Eek) It has $18 $12 stickers on it.

The '92 Foris Rogue Reserve Cab that I took to Queen's a couple weeks ago, as reported by pyang, was not stellar. I have one '91, which I took on my trip to OR in July & didn't get to; should be interesting.
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