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Are there some dating events for people over 50 in Canada? Some other events where i can send my mom so she can meet new people? She is 53, very good looking and single for more than 7 years now. They divorced with my father long time ago and he is happily married with his second wife, but my beautiful and kind mom is still alone. Not that she is struggling or something, but she is not happy either and it makes  me really sad. Appreciate your ideas

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Thank you very much for all your recommendations. As you suggested I looked up seniors dating sites ca and found few good once. We are creating a decent profile for her at the moment (did you know that you have to answer probably million different questions???). I took some very nice pictures of her (she looks gorgeous there)   and we are almost ready to give it a try. She is still a little bit skeptical about the whole idea but hope she will change her mind soon)

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@The Old Man posted:

I do not except the premise that a senior is someone 53. I can't think of any group, organization or government classification system that considers 53 a senior.

When I was <20 I thought that anyone 50+ was very old (senior, if you will, regardless of gov't classification systems).  Today, since she is my junior, I'd say she's still in the prime of her life.

Live large and I hope she goes for it!

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