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I am looking for a database of vineyards in the United States. I need information on the name of the vineyard, the date it was established, and the zip code where it resides.

I have looked all over google for this information, but to no avail. Does anyone know if something like this exists?
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There are different resources, such as the Historic Vineyard Society and Appellation America, as well as regional databases. Nothing is comprehensive. There are also confusing factors such as multiple vineyards with the same name, vineyards that have changed names over the years, and so forth.
The irony to me of this thread is that yhn sent me an email 24 hours before this posting asking if I knew of any vineyards in the SCV not on loamy soil growing Cab.

Mind you there is probably no human who knows more of the vineyards in the area than yhn. I directed him to Dan Martin who keeps better track than either of us on vineyards that would have that particular profile.

There's just no reliable data to go to.

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