Danica Patrick - pole position for Daytona

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I think NASCAR is scripted like a reality show. Should be a very highly rated Daytona. I am not trying to take anything away from her. She is fast.

Qualifying in NASCAR at tracks like Daytona is more about the car than the driver. She's certainly good enough to not mess up in Q with the best car. I also think she's good enough and smart enough to figure out how to win, and pull it off now and then. Of course NASCAR is more about drafting relationships than pure skill. The best driver in the best car without drafting partners will finish several laps down.

NASCAR gave up on scripted wins years ago. Too many team owners were raising a stink. They didn't like that crap going on when they're running for a championship (ie. having their fastest legal car finish 2nd). So, now they have these mysterious well timed poles, especially at Daytona, especially when it's a great PR story or a driver's sponsorship is about to run out. Team owners and the other drivers understand it's good for their sport and is uncommon enough and minimally impactful, so they don't complain.

Meanwhile, back in Indy Car, there are three female drivers who I think are better than Danica...
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I would rather see her on another pole. Devilish

I wondered how long it would take for a stripper pole reference to be made.

Over half a day... I am disappointed.


What makes you think he was referring to a stripper pole? Eek
Danica ran a nice race. She had a fast car, but resisted the temptation to run it all out, which does not work in restricter plate racing (Daytona and Talledega). In this type of racing, you need partners in the draft to pass. She was in third on the last lap, and if she would have stayed in front of Dale Junior (who left the draft for the inside lane), she probably would have run the race. I chalk that up to inexperience or the spotter, probably a combo of both.
She ran solid and strong and avoided doing anything stupid. She got caught out at the finish because Biffle right in front of her had to check up a little just as the train was coming below. Biffle blamed/credited Johnson for that. The top lane was faster all day, so it made sense to stay there and make a move out of the last corner.

Anyway, excellent for her 11th Cup start. She showed she's quite capable of winning there, and she knows she has a lot more to learn and has the drive to do it.

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