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The Dallas group will be getting together Monday, May 31st, for our sometimes monthly offline. The theme for this offline is "NBC: Nothing But Chardonnay". The weather is heating up in Texas and we're going to try and find a good chardonnay to cool ourselves down. Venue is the WineDrinkerofTexas Ranch in Denton, TX. Start time is 3PM. Bring your own wine and anything you'd like to nibble on. Otherwise, Chef Ying will be doing her usual cooking for an army.

(2) WineDrinkerofTexas + 1 (undeclared)
(2) wineismylife + PURPLE (undeclared)
(2) preferred + 1 (Novy & Neyers)
(2-1/2) Mike M + 1-1/2 (Koonsgaard & White Burgundy)
(1) GregM (undeclared)
(9-1/2) Total

(2) Texaswineguy
(4) hiatus afflatus

Any out of towners that would like to attend please post. We'll be happy to have you as our guests.

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