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Its been a few years, but when I lived there (Woodley Park) Palena for more elegant yet not pretentious CA-Frech and Dino for super-casual Tuscan-ish, both in Cleveland Park both served me many awesome meals. I also used to love Obelisk on Dupont Circle, which has 22 seats, no website and a 4 or 5 course menu that changes every day - Italian and fairly expensive but quite casual. Taberna del Alabardero (Spanish) was my primary go-to for a nice dinner, but I suspect its chef has changed, so I don't know... Corduroy used to be very easy for a nice Western European inspired New American downtown. Marcel's was a very classy night out to an up-scale French (French-Belgian)... I wonder if any of the current locals have experience with these places? I'm sort of curious how my old haunts are doing? Smile If they are still like they were, I think you'd enjoy any of them, 7smcb.
+1 on Palena.

Dino, unfortunately, is relocating downtown and the Woodley Park location is closed. Frown

I like Lavandou (also in Woodley Park) for simple bistro food. Very corkage friendly.

Tosca for Italian. I've come full circle on this restaurant, and my last 2 meals here were very memorable.

Haven't been to Blue Duck (must remedy) but I've heard good things. Meringue's recommendation is a plus.

Obelisk is still very, very good. Very small and prix fixe, so pairing might be challenging. Their cocktail program is pretty good, so you might want to go in that direction and get a glass of wine or two with dinner.

Will post more as things pop into my noggin....


Agree on Palena. However, it, as is Lavandou, is in Cleveland Park, not Woodley Park. Don't make folks walk the extra distance from the METRO. Big Grin

Another place I like that is under the radar is Cedar on E Street in the Penn Quarter (between 8th and 9th)

Just for folks to use as a reference, there is a list here that while I cannot say how up to date it is, has the name and phone number of restaurants in DC that permit corkage.
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