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i had reservations at Arterra, but when i got there it was tremendously busy, and the room seemed tense & rushed - exactly the opposite kind of atmosphere i was looking for that night so i left... as i was driving around the coast i found this little place tucked along a 1 lane street - Cuvee Restaurant - which bills itself as "wine country cuisine."

it seemed quaint and harmless enough, plus a lot of locals as well, so i flipped a U and doubled back...

the restaurant is a smaller, older 1 story building shaded by large Euculyptus trees... for those of you familiar with beach towns, it reminds me of one of those places thats been around forever, or at least the structure Wink

anyway - Spiegelau stems at the table when i sit down - nice start Smile

i ended up having the Wild Salmon Lomi-Lomi w/ Tomato to start - fresh, sushi grade salmon chopped and mixed with diced tomato's & a touch of oil and spices... was very good, the salmon was fresh and not strong, the tomato's didn't overpower the fish either.

for the main course i ordered the "Surf & Turf" of Chipotle Marinated Duck Breast & Dry Pack Scallops on an English Pea, Potato, & Grilled Sweet Corn Succotash... the Succotash was very good, a little watery but that didn't detract from the taste. the Duck was interesting, i was trying to figure out how it was prepared, it appeared grilled. either way, it was the first time i've had Duck where it wasn't predominately oily & fatty... it was a little drier and more firm then i've ever had, but still extremely tasty nonetheless. the scallops were sweet & fresh as well.

for wine, i picked the 01' La Crema 9 Barrel Pinot Noir off the winelist @ $89 - very tasty and i was happy with the choice.

all together, with the wine, the bill came out to $130+ w/o tip... about $40+ for the food, not too bad, i've paid alot more for alot worse... but the ambiance, wine & location just a mile or so from the coast (evenings you can watch the sun set over the coast, no ocean view though) made for a very enjoyable & relaxing evening Cool

would go back
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